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What are the Qualities of an Excellent Psychic? (and what are the Tricks that Fake Psychics Use to Scam Unsuspecting Clients?)

If you’re reading this post, it’s probably you’re planning to seek help from a psychic, or had a bad experience with a psychic and are wondering where you went wrong. Whichever the case, you’re not alone. Many people are going through the same. Lucky for you, you’ve come across the right post.

Just like other professionals, psychic advisors are not the same. Every psychic is gifted in unique ways. And with the many different readers, choosing the right psychic can sometimes be a daunting task for many.

To that end, knowing the qualities to look out for when choosing a psychic reader can go a long way in ensuring that you do not just get the right one for you but a proper reading as well.

While there are many qualities to look out for when choosing a psychic reader, Mysticmag’s editor says that integrity tops the list. And here we’re not talking their abilities. Not at all. We all know the different skills associated with psychics, including clairvoyance, tarot card reading, mind reading, crystals, etc.

In this post, however, we shall focus on the qualities that set a psychic reader from the rest.

Let’s get started:

1. They Don’t Judge

You surely don’t want to visit a psychic who gives personal comments in response to the kind of questions you’re asking or the behavior you’re exhibiting, do you? Well, an excellent reader sets aside their feeling about their client’s situation to concentrate on the reading.

2. They Give Information as It Is

You turned to a psychic to receive from the supernatural, right? Then your psychic reader should not try to embellish information they get from the spirit. An excellent psychic will, therefore, tell you precisely what they hear or see.

And this should be the case even if they don’t understand what that information means. Yes, they can try to interpret the message, but they should not change anything.

3. They’ll Not Force a Decision on You

Yes, a good psychic will make suggestions and help you understand the impact that a particular decision might have on you but will never make any decision for you. To that end, you should avoid a psychic who tells you to do this and avoid that.

4. Their Reading Shouldn’t Make You Fearful

You didn’t seek a psychic’s advice so you can feel fearful and overwhelmed, did you? Of course not. As such, you should avoid a reading that makes you anxious or that presents a feeling of impending danger.

5. They are Kind and Compassionate

A good psychic will be kind and compassionate when relaying information they’ve received from the spirit.

6. They Don’t Predict Date of Death

A psychic who tells you that you or someone you know will die on such a date is a liar. After all, only God knows when a soul will die. While an excellent psychic can receive a clue that someone might be on their way to the next world, they will not allow themselves to share such specific information with their clients.

Tricks that Fake Psychics Use to Scam Unsuspecting Clients

Now that you’ve seen the qualities to look out for in an excellent psychic, it is also essential to know some tricks that fake psychics use to scam unsuspecting clients. This way, you’ll not just ensure that you’re choosing the right psychic but getting the right advice as well.

Making General Claims

Some fake psychics tend to make vague claims that can apply to anyone. By making these general claims, clients are made to think that they are getting the much-needed insights, but in reality, they’re only told what they want to hear.

Making Claims that Make You Want More

You see those claims and statements that leave you in suspense? Could you not pay any price to know their outcome? Well, probably. That is the same trick that fake psychics use to scam people.

As such, you’ll hear your psychic say. “someone is interfering in your love life, and I can help reveal this person in advanced reading.” Sounds tempting, right?

Asking Many Questions

Don’t get us wrong. Psychics, even good ones, tend to ask questions. However, you should be wary of a psychic advisor who tends to ask too many questions. Yes, some psychics ask many questions so they can get as much information about you or your circumstance so they can get a prediction that seems legitimate.

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