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Transiting Pluto Conjunct North Node

When transiting Pluto aspects a planet in the natal chart it makes it irrational, compulsive, and obsessive. Pluto helps you create a strong feeling about the planet, house or point in the natal chart. In this case, transiting Pluto aspects the North Node or Rahu as they call it in Vedic Astrology. The Nodes are the intersection of two great planes (moon path and sun path). Pluto activates your north node, it adds passion to it. You are compulsively driven to go to a path where it feels right for you.

Transiting Pluto conjunct North Node and Opposite the South node brings in powerful and driven people into your life. These people are probably forceful and nasty. You will feel that they influence you in some way to be compulsively and irrationally driven to your life path. The direction that you want to take might not be practical, but you feel that sense of mission and urge to do it even though there is no logic to it. It is important to consult a professional astrologer to identify exactly what is going on with your life during this transit. Pluto is an outer planet, and the North Node’s specific interpretation depends on its position and other planets aspects it.

Transiting Pluto conjunct North Node can be a tough time for you if you are attracting forceful people during this transit. This will probably happen if there the expected results are delayed thus frustrations arise. These people will become manipulative, controlling and dominating just so you are forced to go into a situation where it feels right. The process can be uncomfortable to you and it is very emotionally driven. It forces you to go out of your comfort zone. The pressure to move out of your south node is very strong. Some experiences might be unpleasant but it is for the greater good.

Since Pluto is an outer planet and it moves less that one minute orb in a day. This planet takes up a lot of time to help you direct yourself towards progress. Things will change for sure and it is for the better and it will make you grow as a person!

In-Depth Analysis of Transiting Pluto conjunct North Node in Connection with Other Planets.

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  • I am perplexed! What I just read is exactly what I have just lived! After so much research for a year, “accidentally” I got into here…

    You know, I study astrology for more than 20 years. What has just happened to me is an amazing experience to share and discuss about it. One thing I can tell it made me fell from the bottom of my soul that past life’s do really exists.

    I want to show my deepest gratitude for this article. It made me feel deeply understood.

  • Thank you!

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