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When transit Saturn conjunct Pluto in Ascendant you will face a big change of your life and that change will be hard for you. For two and a half years that Saturn transits your 12th house, your secrets are revealed and you learn to accept who and what you really are that you never realized before. When Saturn hits the ascendant this is the time to act for change for the betterment of your life. During this phase you will be fighting your own demons, differentiating what’s right and wrong to do, having a hard time to let go but learning how to and leave painful memories behind. Giving all your effort to finish things that you need for the future and end things in the past that you no longer need your life’s journey.

You will want to change your appearance or how you want people to see you by first impression. You are looking for growth , want be more mature, and receive respect from other people. You may also experience that you need others in your life this time, that it is not OK to be alone all your life. Even if you resist or fight against people around you and leave them, you can’t. Someone related to you maybe your boyfriend, parent, or a friend is enforcing some restrictions. Someone who is acting father-like and limiting you to fully express yourself that there is a powerful emotion a karmic bond that you hate being with and yet you can’t resist. He or She is the one that is helping you during your transit Saturn in ascendant, teaching and guiding you all the things you should learn to reach maturity.

Even if you look back and you can’t let go of your past, afraid of the big change you are facing, you can’t run from it. You will face a great limitation that even you have the will to be with your past forever, your just one of it anymore a great feeling that you don’t belong there and not liking it anymore. That you have changed a little bit and you only need to change a little more to be someone that is more useful to reach your goals. You will specially be facing corruption from other people deceit, but you will learn that you should not trust everyone. You will face the reality of your surroundings with other people from who is loyal to you and who are a traitor and backstabber. Growing up and maturing to accept that all people have different values and personalities, Getting rid of your immature attitude that when you don’t like someone you hate them forever or stop talking to them just because you don’t like them. That you need people around you although you hate each other, learning how to compromise.

You will also notice many responsibilities during Saturn conjunct Pluto ascendant, it feels like you are the only one that does all the work and no one helps you but it’s not true. It is just you wanting to work alone, resisting the help of others because you do not like them or maybe you think that when you work all by yourself you can make good result but it will not. The lesson here is to grow up and to accept that you also need others.

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  • it’s just like that.

  • Thank you for your comment Kyle! Transit Saturn conjunct Pluto Ascendant is really hard and life changing!

  • Hey. I found your blog yesterday and I’m amused that you’re also from Philippines! I read your ‘About Me’ section, and napa-wow talaga ako kasi it’s not everyday that I see Filipino people na so into astrology din. To be honest, I’m quite afraid to share my knowledge in astrology, that I know any of these, kasi takot ako na I might freak people out. Good to know na may kababayan din pala ako na aware sa mga ganito. Nakakaamuse ang astrology no? I remember when I first learned it, year 2012, and by that time, pluto is conjunct my ascendant. Grabe sobrang naging eye-opener sakin. Nakakaoverwhelm lang sa simula because there’s just so much to learn. And ang galing kasi sakto talaga sa mga nangyayari currently sa buhay mo yung explanation behind transiting planets. Oh well, I wish you well on saturn’s journey on your first house. I assume that you’re a Scorpio ascendant? And since medyo magkalapit lang edad natin, I also assume na you have pluto in your first house. Sus, kayang-kaya mo lampasan yang saturn transit na yan! 🙂 I hope to read more from your blog! Good day! 🙂

  • Hi Ginny! Wow you are also a filipino, and we are almost the same age so it is a good thing 😀 I’m happy to get to know you more since we are “kababayan” with the same interest. Too bad that Filipinos are too religious (without researching about the history of papacy) and close minded about astrology that’s why we are sometimes forced to hide ourselves in the crowd (to protect ourselves to be called “alagad ng demonyo”). About my Saturn transit in the first house… Well I became fat, and now I started working out but I still cannot control my eating habits. You said that maybe I have scorpio in my ascendant since we are almost the same age and you were correct! But it is based on what time you are born to know where the zodiacs falls into the houses. About the accuracy of the interpretations, It still depends on your whole natal chart. An astrologer must see your chart and read it because every chart is different. What you can read from websites and blogs are just basic interpretations of what particular planet aspects, synastry aspects, and planet houses. You cannot rely on it 100 percent unless you just want to read your chart in small parts.

    How did you learn about astrology? Did you met an astrologer and read your chart or you are just browsing the web about horoscopes then stumbled upon astrology? By the way, I invite you to join our astrology forum 😀 you can share whatever you want to share in that page.

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