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Transit Neptune Square Natal Moon

Expect a long moment of emotional instability during Transit Neptune Square Natal Moon. Neptune is dreamy, a visionary, idealistic and magical. With Neptune having a hard aspect to your moon–your emotion and mood–you will become unrealistic. It is hard for you to see the reality. It creates a challenge to pursue your wildest dreams. During the first phase of this aspect, you will have a confusion on how you experience euphoria in life. You will feel depressed, discontented, insecure, and you want to chase your ideals.

During this time, you will notice that you are often fantasizing and daydreaming. You look for romance, a person that can give a kind heart. You will feel unhappy doing those mundane things you loved to do. Because you will want things that can unleash your imagination. You appreciate creative projects during this time. And you will notice that music is very soothing for you. You are going to be attached and sensitive with abstract painting or meaningful photographs.

Transit Neptune Square Natal Moon is unfavorable for rational thinking. Because you are prone to make bad decisions this time, but choices made by following your gut-feeling are good. You are going to experience difficulty in determining your important objectives and life aspirations. You are not logical and practical during this period. Women in your life may easily deceive you. Meditation can help you stabilize your unrealistic thinking. It is also advisable to ignore the emotional side of you so you could make better decisions. It will be harder to separate your mind and emotion, because you want to see the world in rose colored glasses. You want a perfect experience that will feed your emptiness inside. Try your best to become more realistic and not too emotional while planning things for the future. Ask your friends or family if your plans is achievable or is it too idealistic. because it will lead you to unwanted results.

Are you currently experiencing Transit Neptune Square Natal Moon? Please share your experience in the comment section below. Thank you!

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    • Am in the first part of this transit. Haven’t felt good in quite a time with a lot of unspecific ailments that I thought was something to do with the lungs. It now seems it could emanate from pain in the back. Am not happy at work, always angry and don’t feel satisfied. Would like to try something new, but can’t find anything that I would like to trade for. Get angry with those who are poor, homeless and on drugs. Mostly because I can’t really feel sorry for them, they are often like leeches sucking strength and resources from the rest of us. This is unfair, I would like to see myself as caring and loving, but they smell, steal and vomit. I have no tolerance for children who can’t behave and even less patience with the parents who can’t make their offspring behave. I often have headaches and am tired all then time even though I’m healthy. Have a hard time seeing clearly even though my glasses are supposed to be ok. When I finally get out into the forest,. I love it like I always did, but I have such a hard time making myself got there. To tired…
      Well that’s a little of all I feel. I don’t really come to terms with Neptune!

    • I fantasize and daydream a lot it just feels better living in a lala land… it’s like I’m on drugs… I fell in love with someone who come and go.. I wish everything would go as I hope. I procrastinate my duty.. this transit is crazy another many months to go I’m tired

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