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People with Sun Opposite Pluto in their Natal Chart will experience abandonment, abuse, betrayal, and secrecy in their life. When they are still young, uniting or merging with the other person is their obsession. They see themselves and others — specially the ones they love — as one and inseparable. They have a hard time letting go with abusive relationships. Because once they decided to be together, their bond and commitment is extremely strong. As if they made a vow to be with that person forever even how hard the situation is.

Those with Natal Sun Opposite Pluto often love others more than they love themselves. Their obsession of coming together with their special someone is the reason of their miseries and loss of self respect. The cycle of abuse, betrayal, secrecy, and abandonment will continue unless they realize that they should value themselves first. These people must be aware that they are individuals with a separate identity and should also concentrate on themselves. They should focus on a new hobby or activities like exercise, work, achieving goals, or anything that will occupy their time and energy that have to do with their own lives.

They should be aware that controlling the other person to satisfy their own desires will just  backfire. People with Sun Opposite Pluto in their natal chart must realize that, if the other person value their relationship and truly loves them, that person is willing and will do everything for the Sun opposite Pluto person without having to manipulate every move.

I’m emphasizing about self love because those who have Pluto Opposite Sun in their natal chart needs to learn to let go of any abusive relationships (if it cannot be resolved). It doesn’t mean that they should to take away their attached personality. Because that is where they are happy. They need to remind themselves to leave if the relationship that does not brings joy anymore. Once they mastered to value and love themselves first, then it will be the time to finally meet the right person. Someone who is willing to commit and appreciate their true personality!

In their later age, Sun Opposite Pluto people are often judged by others by being egoistic and selfish. It is not true! They just learned a lot from their experiences and does not want to repeat the same mistakes again. Once they find out that someone truly cares for them then they automatically reciprocate.

Do you have a Sun Opposite Pluto in your natal chart? If it is okay with you, please share your experiences with this aspect in the comment section below. Thank you! [su_box title=”Want To Handle This Aspect in a Positive Way?” style=”glass”][kleo_feature_item title=”Astrological Consultation with Seraphic Siren” icon=”skype” icon_size=”big” icon_position=”center” ]Every natal chart has different planetary patterns, houses and zodiac sign positions. Positive or Negative results in life may vary depending on the planet combinations, culture and traumas experienced. Consult a professional astrologer if you are experiencing any negative effects of this aspect![/kleo_feature_item]

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  • Have the 1983 Saturn-Pluto conjunction opposite my Aries Sun and this is spot on. Abusive father, lack of self worth…it’s a daily struggle but a rewarding one. Focusing on myself and my own interest still tastes like “work” (in my early 30s) , but I’m learning to shift my attention away from others and back to the home base. Meditation helps a lot! Thank you for writing this.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience, and I’m glad you finally started to focus on yourself. Saturn wants you to do things that is really important and will last. You may feel that other people gives you heavy responsibility which transforms you into a mature person.

  • Thank you Kevin for sharing your personal experience about the opposition of pluto-sun in the natal chart, and for giving advice for other people with the same aspect as yours. I’m happy that you finally met the one for you right after you learn to love and nurture yourself. I know your childhood is tough but the love of your wife will heal those wounds and traumas.

  • Pluto is lord of my second and is in the 12th opposing my sun by 1 degree of orb. Your article is spot-on. In my life, I have experienced betrayal at every level. As a child I was abandoned and abused. This cycle of abuse carried over into my adult personal relationships. In 2009, my wife of 11 years died from complications during routine surgery. My mother passed away 10 weeks later after being hit by a drunk driver. That was a turning point in my life. The lesson of letting go was being forced upon me. Slowly, in the years since, I have come to heal the wounds of my childhood. To practice self love. To create and nurture my own sense of worth. It has been an empowering journey. There are no victims in life. Only souls who are learning who they are and how to love. I remarried just this year to someone who has such a beautiful light. There is no violence or abuse in our relationship. She has never betrayed anyone in her life. So to others who have this same aspect, have hope! Love yourself first and things will shift. Thank you Seraphic for writing this. Peace, love and light to you.

  • Yes, your article is dead on for me also. I’ve got Pluto cj Jupiter on my IC opposite my sun on the MC. Definitely I wanted to merge as much as humanly possible in my earlier years with my partner. Then after my divorce, I met someone I fell head over heels for and have had one of the biggest struggles of my life with wanting to merge and yet knowing I needed complete freedom…this experience has taught me like nothing else to put the focus on me, and as a result I am viewed as quite egocentric and self-absorbed and afraid of commitment to many if not most others. Whatever. I’ve just found for myself it’s much healthier to maintain my own personal space and boundaries… And at the same if I do come across that person who is willing and able to give me what I am able to give back…I think I am now in a place that I could give freely and passionately of myself and at the same time have a much more clear idea of what’s healthy for me personally and stand my ground with that.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience about your sun opposite pluto aspect in the natal chart. I know that you will meet the one that is for you who will love your natural attitude towards relationship. How much is the orb between Pluto-Jup-Sun? This aspect could also mean that you are spontaneous and you love expansion and growth in your life. You want to be a success and probably attracts fame. You do well at promoting yourself and marketing a product (these interpretations only works if the orb is tight).

  • You’re also spot on about me being spontaneous and liking growth and expansion :). My Jupiter cj Pluto orb is 1 deg and Sun opp Pluto a 5 deg orb. Yes, it would be nice to meet that one that is for me. Hard to find that someone who loves and accepts my dichotomous and ping ponging nature. And many men seem to have a problem with a strong female. I’ve been told I can be intimidating, that’s been a tough thing for me to realize.

  • I heard that successful men likes strong dominating and intimidating woman because it is like their trophy. Just don’t get into arguments with your lover or to try to make them feel useless 😀

  • Fascinating article, weitten with insight and sincerity. I have Sun opp Pluto in my natal chart. My Mum left the marital home when I was a young boy, my Step Mum abused me, my Father took her side and sent me to live with my Mum hundreds of miles away. Low self-esteem, sadness and anger have been common experiences in my life; my Mum’s anger and lack of boundaries contrasted by my Dad’s learned helplessness and enfeebled behaviours (power vs no power). My wife had an affair and is now my ex. I have been dogged by issues around power vs powerlessness and have found myself leading others against oppressive bosses in the workplace and I’ve experienced abandonment and betrayal by those with whom I had developed close working bonds. I’ve also felt what can only be described as a rush when put in situations that are potentially threatening – almost as if to embrace fear and stand one’s ground in spite of it is strangely energising and vitalising – but only up to a point. With Chiron in my 8th I often see other people’s pain and I have often daydreamed about an escape route from life’s rollercoaster in the form of suicide. Despite this, I am a compassionate, loving and creative guy. I find comfort and familiarity in series such as True Detective characters such as Vincent Hanna in Heat. Skate the surface of life I most certainly don’t.

  • I’m sorry for all your negative experiences. I feel you, just reading your comment makes me feel like wanting to escape in a form of suicide too! But I know now you know better, and you are stronger than ever because you overcome those obstacles in your life.

  • I’m a Sun-Opposite-Pluto subject and have seen more than my fair share of abandonment and death. 4th house Sun Aries 20; 10th house Pluto Libra 17

    And yes, I freak out if/when I’ve lost control of the situation.

  • I’m a Sun opposite Pluto
    Moon square Pluto
    Mercury opposite Pluto
    Mars trine Pluto
    Jupiter trine Pluto
    Venus parallel Pluto
    Neptune sextile Pluto
    Pluto square North Node
    Pluto conjunct Lilith
    Pluto in Scorpio
    Lilith in Scorpio
    Moon in 8th house
    Let me tell you , I can be a down right scary person , I’m more intense than a scorpio
    Father was a crime Lord and was killed in my earlier life , had traumatic mother issues
    Abandonment issues , trust issues , mental health issues , not that I am not a good person because like cancer I can be very sentimental
    But hide it all out of fear of ridicule , I get offended deeply and any failure rinds me of all my misfortunes and boom , violent serial killer behavior , I’ve never been accepted into social groups in school and because of that I started to really hate society and social groups now as an adult , I secretly hate the world
    And vindictive is not a word to describe me when betrayed I will plot murder , nope not kidding

  • My pluto in scorpio is in opposition with my sun, mercury and jupiter in taurus. I can say, like the others,this sadly rings true. I don’t know my biological father, my dad, the man who signed my birth certificate and raised me as my own, was an alcoholic who physically abused my mother when I was young and I remember plenty of his drunken rages. He has a scorpio sun. My mother abandoned me at 17 with a baby for a man and drugs. Both parents used drugs, mother still does. Just now realizing at the age of 32 my mother is a narcissist. I’ve realized over the past couple of years I latch onto love interest due to all this, becoming codependent. I believe I have my saturn return and it’s events to thank for all this. I thought I had moved past these old hurts but realized I hadn’t and I was basically repeating these cycles with different people. I have, shall I say had because I’m trying to put my needs first, always tried to make sure everyone else is happy first. Considering others before, almost never, myself. I’ve come along way and still have far to go but I’m glad I have a guide for the journey.

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