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South Node Conjunct Pluto in the Synastry ( North Node Opposite Pluto )

Nodes are important in our natal chart. It tells something about our path in life that we need to learn and balance. Sometimes, we attract people that helps us become more aware of our intended path. These people sticks around as if they are the key to unlock the hidden lessons of the nodes. In this article, I will share my insights about South Node Conjunct Pluto or North Node opposite Pluto in the Synastry Chart. I will also share how it feels to be the Pluto person or Node person in this relationship. When Pluto aspects to your north or south node, your awareness of the nodes becomes more intense. But nodes in conjunction or opposition to the Pluto in the synastry is not bad at all but it should not be taken lightly as well. It really depends on the whole planetary pattern and the culture where person grew up. The process can be really abusive, but what I mean to be not bad is the result when the person overcome the power struggles between the traumas of the past and rebirth for the future. The node person is enlightened, and captivated to the Pluto person qualities. The Pluto person reminds him about what he or she already is, and he needs to improve to complete his life path. Hard aspect between the North node and Pluto makes it challenging for him to let go of his comfort zone. But he is willing to cooperate to the Pluto person for his/her personal growth.

What does the Node person feels when he or she is around the pluto person?

The Node person feels comfortable and obsessed in his South Node (With Pluto it means traumas at a subconscious level, something hidden). But still, he becomes aware that he should not rot in the past in order to mature. Since the Pluto person has the qualities of his South Node (The ones he/she already experiences before. Probably something with Pluto qualities), and he loves her deeply, he subconsciously returns to this past experiences. (To determine the area of life where the Node Person will be obsessed. Please look for the zodiac sign, and the house location of the nodes).

What does the Pluto Person feels when he or she is around the Node person?

The Pluto person feels normal and continues to be herself (A obsessive compulsive person). She embodies the past of the node person and the lessons that the north node person already mastered from the past life. She feels guilty because she manipulates the node person to be stuck in a habit of being in his irrational and compulsive driven behavior. She is uncomfortable that the Node person follows her every move. The Pluto person encourage the Node person to balance both her north and south node for a healthy relationship, because she realized that the obsession is destructive for both of them. The Pluto person becomes the lead in this relationship. While the node person prefers not to move until the Pluto person decide where they are both heading. Pluto becomes the node role model. (You still have to consider if there are inner planets involved in this aspect to get better interpretation about Pluto and the Nodes.) The positive effects of this Synastry Aspect.
  • A passionate, loving and encouraging bond will be formed.
  • Attachment with one another is very intense.
  • The node person will be forces to balance both his/her north node and south node. ( In a sense of realization of the past traumatic situation or positive encouragement from the Pluto person.
  • The Pluto person can relate to the node person strengths.
  • They both feel that there is a sense of mission and obsession on wanting to move forward.
  • There will be changes and transformation.
The negative effects of this synastry aspect.
  • Power struggles when the node person refuses to step forward to his path.
  • The Node person will become stuck in his/her comfort zone is the Pluto person is too afraid to let go of control and power over him/her.
  • There are conflicts and arguments because they express their passion this way.
  • The Pluto person is uncomfortable that he/she might lose the Node Person, if the Node Person stick to only in his North Node path.
  • The Node Person will be stressed with the see-saw type of personality that he must do in order to please the Pluto person.
  • They are irrational guilt that makes them stuck.
  • They keep thinking about the past.
Have you experienced having a North Node opposite Pluto or South Node conjunct Pluto in the Synastry? Will you please share your experience in the comments section below? Thank you so much! [su_box title=”Want To Handle This Aspect in a Positive Way?” style=”glass”][kleo_feature_item title=”Astrological Consultation with Seraphic Siren” icon=”skype” icon_size=”big” icon_position=”center” ]Every natal chart has different planetary patterns, houses and zodiac sign positions. Positive or Negative results in life may vary depending on the planet combinations, culture and traumas experienced. Consult a professional astrologer if you are experiencing any negative effects of this aspect![/kleo_feature_item]

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  • Hi! I share this aspect with one of my co-workers. I’m the female Pluto and he is the male South Node. This post is SPOT ON!! Our dynamics is so interesting to me. (His vertex is conjunct my Mercury by 0 degrees, his mercury trines my sun, and my Venus trines his sun also). We both feel very connected to each other however we keep our relationship professional. He is actually engaged. However we connect on such a deep level via spiritual beliefs and values. Our conversations are deep and truly always revolve around growth. I talk to him a lot about my spirituality and the deeper meaning of my life and I can tell that he respects my purpose in life. He looks up to me and thinks very highly of me. And I think the same of him! We really do share many of the same strengths and have a very loving bond. He told me he was very attracted to me one night when he was intoxicated and I let him have his moment of honesty but of course I told him that our relationship must remain professional. I have to admit, if he were single, I would love to be with him. I know how he feels about me even if he doesn’t verbalize it. Our relationship dynamic is beautifully described here. I appreciate his presence in my life. I’m happy to have known him. Thank you for the post, it’s brought me much confirmation!

  • Thank you for your comment Myriah. In addition South node conjunct Pluto in the synastry can help you make necessary changes for your future (north node). The relationship will transform you.

  • I have quite the contrary. His Pluto is conjunct my NNo and opposite SN. What could this mean? His moon also squares both of my nodes

  • I have this aspect but the contrary, his Pluto conjuncts my NN and is opposite my SN. Also my NN squares his Moon. What does this mean?

  • Hi. We both have Pluto conjunct south node (Pluto opposite north node). It has been excruciatingly painful for me as he always comes and goes from my life. Is it our destiny to come together eventually? We have been on and off since we were 23 years old…we’re now both 48. Thanks for any insight.

  • Hi Kris Pluto is irrational, it can be very obsessive about what planet it touches. For example if it touches mercury, the person having pluto/mercury can hold on into the idea without knowing any fact, so the person can be very opinionated forcing his/her opinions to everyone and will argue about his opinions. Pluto can be very forceful, and in your case it touches the south node your past life. It still depends on the orb and other planetary aspects and house it sits in. Pluto is like the moon it comes from the deep past, north node and south node are the two points at which the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic. So this is very irrational and emotionally charged relationship and it forces the past (memories) on you. I suggest having a professional astrologer do an astrological consultation with you.

  • It depends on the orbs. I suggest to have an astrological consultation is the relationship is very negative.

  • Although I am sure that for many this aspect can be neutral or even constructive, in my sibling relationship, it has resulted in now over 30 years of varying degrees of abuse. I am the SN, he is Pluto, and a few years behind me in birth. This happens in Scorpio (so is not generational, but was basically a month’s window), and for me in the 4thH. The abuse has been “all types” of abuse except for sexual (as Scorpio generally indicates) – if I didn’t have the strength I do, that may have happened too.

    Even going back to when we were children, teen, and pre-teen. I stalled returning home from High School until a parent was home, because if he and I were home alone, it was sure to be torment for me. There were multiple times that by the grace of God, his physical attacks did not permanently harm me, and others (I’m talking almost losing my eye to a pencil, and my ankle to a hammer… and my ex-boyfriend missed the hammer to his head by his quick reflexes and a hair graze). The family-sanctioned (or family-denied, at least) abuse has continued into adulthood, and has even escalated to attempts on his part to have me processed for false felony-level accusations. That attempt fell flat, and the police gave him a very light reprimand with, as far as I can remember, nothing more than a police report that did not describe what actually happened. The assaults and long term control/domination and uneven empowerment/disempowerment tactics that I have had to deal with in what should be a safe space for me are truly ridiculous, and I have had to normalize behavior that most would consider simply unacceptable. It is not a positive relationship at all, and after 30 years, including separations for sometimes almost a year at a time, shows no indication of well-being – at best, we barely speak, and when we do, it is very casual “water cooler” type stuff that ends as quickly as it began. If it were up to him, I would have disappeared or committed suicide long ago. I know that deep down the abuse comes from his own inner pain, and I should not hold him responsible on a soul level – however, in the shared reality, we do have to take responsibility for our actions. I have demonstrated severe damage from this dynamic in the past, including undoubtedly damaging self-injury and fits. The psychological results of it have been very devastating and I am still working my way out of my SN today, and writing this in a public arena is I believe a step toward my healing process that has been continuous now for years. I am still working on getting out of the situation. I am sure that I have done things to him that may have been harmful, particularly in young childhood where I did not know what I was doing, but I know that I did not and do not deserve what has ensued. I am doing my absolute best to embrace what I cannot change, and change what I can. I pray every day that I can do so completely with my own full and permanent safety, and use every resource at my disposal to work toward that goal. Inevitably, I am preparing for my 5th or 6th “intentionally permanent” departure from the household in 4 years, this time motivated due to mould in my living space that is severely affecting my health. No matter what, I will get over this mountain.

    As a student astrologer working toward professional ability myself, if I ever saw a client synastry chart with this signature it would be a serious red flag. I would have to take great care to not project my experience onto another chart, and also to realize that any synastry is a very complex system with many influences (for example, said sibling also has 2 quindeciles from strong planets to my Chiron), but it would also be my job to recognize that the effects of this aspect, especially conjunct or hard, can be really dangerous and a breeding ground for the Pluto person to claim all of the power, and subjugate and immobilize the SN person in a situation that is extremely difficult to get out of, and then, heal from.

  • Thanks for sharing your personal experience Anon. You cant change the past, but you can change the future.

    Pluto and nodes can be really intense since nodes are the two points at which the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic it still has the energy of the moon which is the subconscious past. A past that is currently brought up into the present. Pluto is like the moon because the brings out what is deep inside us.

    So what can be irrational and obsessive about your past? Why does it hunts you? This is because of the tragedies, traumas, jealousies, angers, skeletons in the closet etc. (depends on the other planets it touches and house it is in) The Pluto person energize that past of the node person. Both will feel the combination of the aspect. The past that is forced into the present and it needs to be buried and move on.

  • Hi, I will share my own experience.
    Since meeting, I have felt a very strong connection to one of my professors at uni.
    I have just discovered that his SN is in conjunction with my Pluto in Scorpio (in his 3rd house and in my 4th) -plus his Jupiter conjunct my NN, his Uranus conjunct my Vertex… His moon and venus conjunct my Sun in Aries.
    His way of thinking is generally complex and I seem to be one of the few to understand him. We sort of resemble each other. He is only about half a decade older than me but seems a little intimidated and acting overconfident when we speak.
    I could see this evolving into something more, but not while I am his student. I wouldn’t want to damage our mutual respect. I’d love for him to open up to me, though, so I could help him snap out of his insecurities that I can see through.
    And yes, I am afraid I might fall for him -and wonder if he even notices me in the same way.

  • Hi Chella thanks for sharing. Jupiter enhances the confidence, maybe he is teaching you to be more confident since his Jupiter conjunct you NN. Pluto makes jupiter irrational to be something big. Your student teacher relationship may lead to success, also this aspect can be wasteful. It still depends on both of your charts though since i haven’t seen it yet im just making presumptions of the synastry.

  • Hi, My sister who is younger has sun, mars, mercury and pluto all conjunct my south node, oppose my chiron, and my mars/mercury conjunct her south node. She has always been abusive towards me, I have recently found out that she had sex with my first partner while I was pregnant with his son, my ex was also abusive and when I left him he stalked me for years and would assault and rape me when he found me, my sister stayed in contact with him and would tell him where I was hiding. She has destroyed many of my relationships with family and friends and I have just recently finally gone no contact with her. She even tried to destroy the relationship between my son and I. She is highly narcissistic and is an amazing liar, so people believe whatever she tells them. I am still struggling to heal from all the abuse and betrayal . I have no contact with any of my family anymore as they believe the lies she tells them about me. I have had a few nervous breakdowns in my life and am now dealing with physical illness. I am a musician and artist but have lost myself.

  • I’m sorry that you been through a lot of abuse.

  • Wow. Seraphic, your assesment of this aspect is shockingly accurate in light of my experience. I have a “client” who initially became connected to me through a mutual friend. We spoke on the phone first and I remember being drawn to his candid way of speach, however erratic and unusual, I found him humourous and refreshing in a way. He’s a virgo and his sun is conjunct my ascendant. I am the pluto person and he is the South node, all in Scorpio. (His South node 10 degrees, my pluto 13, my venus 16 and his pluto is also 2 degrees scorpio. I feel I must also add that his Mars and Venus are in the same sign of my South node in Leo- Mars making a conjuction with my south node ane moon and venus 10 degress off) We both have no planets aspecting our north nodes and his nodes are retrograde. He has Neptune on the ascendent which makes it hard for me to trust him because I sense he likes to mask himself in illusions, especially in regards to seeming powerful. However he is very intuitive yet still needs to decipher the difference between pure intuiton and mental bias.

    He insisted he wanted a healing session from me and insisted on a house call. I rarely do house calls but at the time I was not so much in my power about declaring boundries in work because I wanted so badly to help someone that I was at the time in a pattern of conforming to the terms set by the needs of my clients. I also feel there was always a hint of dark curiosity about what it seems he kept hidden. I remember feeling anxious for the visit. I always feel this heightened electricity in my body before i see him. As if our energies start affecting eachother before we are in physical proximity. I had met him once before and found him instantly attractive. Not in a purely physcial sense but like an energetic magnetism. I sensed he felt the same however I quickly learned he had a lot of deamons he was battling which created in him a cynical, darkly skeptical nature.

    He didn’t believe I would go out with him if he asked me so he insisted he wanted to be my client and then proceeded to seduce me in his home. I remember feeling like I was watching the whole thing happen from above. I did resist him but this only seemed to turn him on more and I recognized in myself a genuine desire to be taken by this person. I felt a sense of deep compassion for him and real soul love, despite certain behaviors and psychological patterns and limitations I readily observed. He shared deep thoughts and writings with me and his experience being in jail for selling cocaine. I believe it’s a trait of my venus conjucnt pluto in scorpio that was able to hold space for him without fear. It became clear later that he couldn’t trust me with this vulnerability without first dominating me. Its as if we both simultaneously stimulate and threaten the other.

    His North node is in Taurus in the 4th house and he often expresses the desire to start a family and become wealthy. His moon is also in Cancer where my Juiper and chiron are. Yet he talks about this so much I feel stifled by his desire to possess me so immediately and his insatiable thirst for power as he expresses it to me seems to indicate he would go to extreme measures to acheive status. It’s almost as if my pluto and venus simulates his itch to return to his south node ways. He was raised in Mexico and says his Dad is a member of the cartel. He admits to having witnessed murders and living in a war-like, dog eat dog reality. I explain to him that this is not the way he needs to seek happiness and fulfillment. He seems to listen to me and value my perspetive because he trusts my conviction, yet he compulsively returns to dark subjects in my presence; rape, murder, etc. I can now see that I am a trigger for his unconscious psychological patterns, despite the evidence that he is working very hard to overcome these patterns. Which is fitting and also Ironic that he still comes to me for healing and wants to talk and still always tries to seduce me. I do feel if I allow him too much control the sense of guilt for enabling his patterns. Yet I also feel there is a subtle line we both must transcend in ourselves to reach reconciliation and mutual understanding.

    Our relatiosnhip has become stronger the more I push back and call him out on what’s happening in the moment. I believe I have had the privilege of practicing more consciousness work on myself and therefore I do agree that I steer the relationship and he follows my lead. Yet, he is always testing my boundaries. The more I make it a game, the richer the discoveries. Yet he leads with lightness but ultimately wants everything. For example, he’ll come for a bad back, yet he wants me to be his girlfriend. The double agendas are incredibly frustrating which is why I make light of it so we can work with the energy and not become bogged down.

    I also enjoy this aspect of our relationship because it has helped me discover my voice in an ironic sense of being forced to express anger, frustration, doubt and judgment and simple state the facts. All of which he is able to receive. In this sense, the conflict inherent in this conection is cathartic. We hold up very interesting mirrors for one another and I do believe we are both awakening and evolving as a result.

    Despite the extreme language he uses about dark fantasies, (Neptune ascendant) he does work very hard to earn an honest living and in the 4 months I’ve known him, he’s upgraded his life from low income housing in chinatown to living in a nice studio downtown with a puppy. I encourage him to finish the self help-book he started in prison because I feel his story could be uniquely inspiring to others who feel they’ve messed up irrevocably.

    This person still wants devotion and romantic attention from me. I believe he has a good heart, but I also feel he is unconsciously attracted to my sexual energy and overvalues this aspect of the relationship. I have profound compassion for this person but fear becoming too close… simultaneously stimulating his past patterns and becoming consumed by the effort it takes from me to manage this energy. I feel I am more of a Healer than a lover to this person.

    His allure is powerful and seductive to me, and I know he would do anything for me as he says so repeatedly. This actually scares me though as I feel he is unstable. However I also feel the divine guidance not to abandon him but to show him a more calm, conscious way of loving and helping him to love himself more. I have received and forgiven some aggressive and ridiculous behavior from him which was perhaps karmic debt we both owed and I genuinely feel it has done us both a great deal of good. Watching us talk would seem like observing a dysfuctional married couple or two pals sparring. I resonate with your assessment that this is the way this aspect expresses passion and I think some of the strongest triggers for transformation come from powerful pluto dynamics.

    This was a power struggle situation until I learned, like you referred to above, how to soften to his influence first and then he is able to receive me. The pluto doesn’t want to relinquish power, even if it means receiving help and love- they’d rather take it, create it or command it. Because of my path and work woth tantra, I see this within myself and can play the role of the feminine in this dynamic without feeling disempowered. It has awakened me to my inner lilith.

    Don’t get me wrong this person has made me cry, yell, and doubt all I know to be good. This has served to make me hyper aware of where I still have active patterns of fear that I allow to control my life. This relationship has been an excellent ongoing lesson in staying present to ‘what is’ without judgment, loving in the true sense of passion and compassion, and lastly letting go and surrendering. The more I choose to see and relate to the positive qualities of this person, as you state above, the more I experience the evidence of their existence and the more hope I feel to be effective as a healer. Additonally, the stronger I feel I’m able to hold space for deeper healing for more desperate people.

    I hope this was helpful. Thank You for your explanation of this dynamic.

  • Thank you for sharing. It sounds like a you are having a powerful irrational love with him… A love relationship that makes you experience love sickness when apart. If you have planets in aspect with his north node then you will be able to help him better towards whatever feels right for his future.

  • Uh God this south node thing. ..
    Makes me love this guy with the same intensity , like my departed grand father.
    …Now I discover that my South Node is conjunct his Moon inCancer. ( my Midheaven )

  • I was shook to the core.
    I did not know him before but felt a family deep love for him- complete
    I still feel that .He lives oceans away.
    I am part of him,
    This guy I met once, but spoke regularly on phone

    Then discovered my SOUTH NODE is
    his Moon sign

    My Pluto is in his South Node ( his Sun sign )
    His North Node is my Aqua Sign.
    There is a deep bond with this stranger

  • Your advice please for a new relationship (I still can’t say how it will work for us).
    I have Moon and SN in Virgo (11th house) opposing Venus and ND,
    He is the Pluto person conjuncting my Moon and SN, opposing the others (his Pluto on his 7th house).
    His Pluto also quincunx my Mercury (4th house).
    In addition, my Aqua Mercury in conjunction with his ASC, my Pisces Sun (5th) conjunct his Chiron (1st), his Aqua Saturn (12th) exactly on my IC.
    Oh, and my Black moon Lilith (o) on his DESC
    All of the aspects no more than 2 degrees apart.
    Anything you ‘ll say, will be great help. The only thing, I can say for now, is that he is my acupuncture and chiropractic therapist, he insisted on helping me (I needed help), I suspect he thinks, he can see through me and showed me he’s also very attracted to me. Should I be careful with him?

  • He is the Pluto person conjuncting my Moon and SN, opposing the others – What is the orb of his Pluto conjunct Moon and South node in your Natal Chart?
    I recommend book a schedule for complete relationship consultation specially if you feel stuck in the relationship. Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks, the positions are: Moon 8.15′, SN 11.45′, Pluto 9.51′, Venus 9.32′.

  • I see more emphasis with Moon Venus Pluto combination and less with South Node. All I can say that this is a karmic bond that has to do with love obsession. There might be issues about irrational love, power and control over the other, jealousy, and wanting to unite as one and whole that might lead to intense love sickness when apart. There can also be past traumas regarding about love that will give lessons in this lifetime. Does this make sense?

    South node makes you feel stuck in this kind of dynamic.

    I still need to do a full analysis of your natal charts to pinpoint what is happening or will gonna happen in your relationship. If you or your lover are having issues with your traumas in the past which negatively affects your relationship with him now, then please proceed having a consultation with a professional astrologer. Thank you!

  • Hi guys, thank you all for your comments. Now I know better whats going on in my relationship. We have double yummy:

    Pluto opposite North Node (conjunct South Node)
    Pluto square North Node (and South Node)

    It makes us both addicted, obsessed and nonstop busy with our bond. We have already talked about it and are trying to make the things easy, light and nice, bubt its not possible yet. We just love to deal with each other.. I am actually really scared, how it will be for us, if we break up. I will maybe never find something so intense like this.

    When I say stuff like that, he gets angry and dont even want to hear it, but unfortunately I feel, that our bond is not forever.

  • I have my Pluto and my Saturn opposite his NN (conj. SN) at 1 and 2 degrees. I remember exactly how it was, as I saw him for the first time: he smiled at me and I tought, that I have known him forever. During the first comversation he told me so much about his personal life, that I immediately felt very close to him. And than it started to get strange. Its like a connection, I cant break, even if I sometimes feel strangled because of the too intense relationship. He is expecting a lot of opennes and I am afraid of telling and feeling too deep. So at some point this bond seems to be heavy and long lasting.

  • My family were traumatized by the death of a family member many years passed

    I believe this person to have. Reincarnated
    When I studied his chart
    He has his moon conjunct my south node.
    I have my pluto conjunct his south node.

  • Hi. I’m Rahu 15 tauras while my ex is mars 14 tauras. His Pluto is 15 scorpio. Conjoined my ketu. He is 22 years younger and his family and friends pretty much broke us up. I ve never loved anyone so deeply and I’m in India living in an ashrama trying to let go. Yet I think f him in waking and sleeping. Always on my mind. Externally it seems like there is no chance for us. As I ve gone ultra spiritual and he has basically stayed the same.
    Is there any insight in to past life karma and how I can quit obsessing over the loss?

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