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  • I enjoyed reading this! I have Pluto conjunct ascendant in Scorpio and i pretty much identified with everything! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Thank you for your comment Veronica! I will keep up on writing more astrology articles ^^,

  • My Pluto is alongside my rising in Scorpio. And my Moon is also alongside my Pluto. Some charts consider my conjunction Pluto-Rising and some other ones not. But I must say you are right, like this article. Unfortunately my face is pretty ugly and I can’t be attractive for any people. What I do for being considered attractive doesn’t matters to people. I’m ugly for them, and Period… 🙁

  • How far is the distance between your pluto and ascendant? Pluto ascendant doesn’t always means you are beautiful. It is about the intensity of your first impression to other people. Some got this bushy eyebrows, imperfect skin and overweight physical appearance but when they approach others… People are usually intimidated.

  • This is literally accurate down to every word. I try to observe people by their actions and body language but I guess I come off as a bit intimidating when doing so.. People are strange around me, they either turn red or act jumpy or fidgety.. It makes me feel odd but I also have Scorpio rising /pluto/jupiter/mercury, Venus conjunct pluto, pluto conjunct ascendant, & a whole bunch of pluto aspects. I’ve been called one-of-a kind, different, and hypnotizing several times but on my end I just feel like a loner, a very alienated one. People barely ever look at me in the eyes.. anyways thanks for this article, its really insightful!! Take care :-*

  • Thank you for sharing your own pluto experience, and yes your are one of a kind indeed! Having two inner planets in scorpio specially venus conjunct your pluto in ascendant makes you feel, and know that your are scorpio deep inside. You have an alluring beauty and mental skills of a detective.

  • This part about waiting for the right moment, exploding like a volcano and destroying everything on its way made me laugh hard… I mean I used to be like that…and it was nothing but crazy….. but thank ‘god’ I am maturing finally to get over this bull$hit attitude. Cheers.

  • I’m glad that you have overcome that attitude.

  • wonderful write up. definitely felt my chest tighten a few times in response to recognition of truth .
    extremely accurate analysis of this placement. have not found too much depth on it ; so this was nice .
    Pluto/scorpio/ 12th house relationships are always very interesting; and i feel as though they have the most prominent effects in my life. thanks for the read 🙂

  • Hi Trippnface! I will soon write more insights and depth about Pluto in the 12th house ^_^

  • Aurion thank you for sharing your experiences being a Scorpio Ascendant. Pluto in Sagittarius means you are love to be adventurous about yourself 😀

  • It is a very different experience with scorpio ascendant. My Pluto and ascendant are also in Scorpio and I feel like I can take much more than what I have been going through in life. I like feeling intense, deep even it sometimes means hurting inside. It is like being on top of the world, There is this feeling of power that you keep on yearning for more, A fire that never stops…

  • What I described above are the symptoms, but psychologically Pluto in Ascendant likes to be one with the person, thing, etc. They feel like they want to conquer, and truly possess things they adore. Sometimes it hurts when the other person doesn’t give them much attention they want.

  • Hi Aprie thanks for your comment. Pluto conjunction with the Ascendant does not make someone to become a maso or bipolar, but it depends on what other planets involved. Pluto conj Ascendant means that you have a strong personality, and you intimidate others with your appearance.

    Based on what you shared about your Pluto-Ascendant, you are very passionate in your relationship with other people, and probably anything you do. I’m guessing that you are have Pluto-Venus in some degree. This interpretation is only for Pluto conjunct Ascendant (2 planets involved with tight orb).

    If you want a quick reading about your chart you can go to our free birth chart reading page.

  • I enjoyed reading your post is sooo good i have plutonion scorpio in first house but I have sun taurus and leo moon but aries mars gemini venus and mercury … I loved your post espeacially when I saw your photo like you are so feminine … I am also web developer I love your site design is unique and very beautiful like youuuu ! 😉

  • I feel now that I am in pheonix level I can understand people very well from the first sight and I can understand their but language very well also …. But when they want to reveal my core through body language I respond HELL NO without even talk a word and keep them wondering HAHA , if any one want any thing for me just come and ask and I will remake the words to make me look powerful even in my weakest spots HAHAH but I love to help people and I can look to their souls and weakness like I can look to their eyes … It’s overwhealming somtimes but I have Great stamina I am taurus man after all 😉 and I think you think I am cocky but you blame my leo moon

  • I’m a Scorpio Rising first house. Everywhere I go people stare at me. It makes me uncomfortable. Or when I start talking people will turn to look at me and just stare.

  • I have a Pluto conjunct scorpio ascendant, and I don’t really relate to any of this. I don’t think I’m particularly dramatic, in appearance or otherwise. Sexuality and romantic relationships play a very small role in my life, and I don’t consider them a priority. I’m in my 30s, and I have never encountered someone against whom I wanted revenge. I didn’t experience abandonment in my youth, or in any significant degree thus far in my life. I also didn’t struggle with suicidal inclinations in my youth. Money also isn’t a huge priority. I make a modest salary (under $50000) and I’m very Virgoan in how I manage it. I wonder why I would manifest none of the qualities described in here when so many of the former commenters found it spot on?

  • It is because the natal chart has different planetary patterns, zodiacs and houses combinations. The orb is a huge deal when reading charts. Pluto in Scorpio Generation have birthdays between November 1983 and November 1995 this means that these people are showing obsession and compulsiveness, and they get frustrated if they can’t “be one” of the things they do. It is how they are seen as their persona. It is also the calling of the soul because it is conjunct the ascendant.

  • This is my placement lol 👑👑👑

  • I am a female born with scorpio ascendant and Pluto retrograde in the 1st house conjunct the ascendant at 15 degrees of scorpio was born in 1989. I can’t find anything on Pluto retrograde in the 1st house as I’d like to know how does that differ than a Pluto in the 1st house but direct? Does it make any difference at all? Is Pluto retrograde in the 1st house bad or weak? Thanks loved this article

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