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Natal Astrology Consultation with Astrologer Seraphic Siren

Seraphic Siren offers Natal Astrology Consultation. Here we do our best to help the person in their personal issues and to make life changing decisions to grow and develop. Choose from Complete Natal Chart Analysis, Vocational Astrology, Relocation / Astrocartography, or Birth Chart Rectification. We are all ears to your inner conflicts, struggles and issues. We are here to understand your desire and longings and we provide the best suggestions to follow based on how your personal planetary energies (based on your birth chart) wants to vibrate in a positive manner. If you are confused with your inner self and how you relate to the world, or if you find it hard to achieve your goals and you want an natal interpretation about what path to take, Natal Astrology Consultation is the right choice for you.

Natal Astrology Consultation

Our natal astrology consultation consist of (60) sixty minutes call duration. There will be a twenty four (24) hours preparation time so I can completely analyze your natal chat and provide the most useful advice for you.

  • Complete Natal Chart Analysis $48.98 – A complete analysis of your birth chart. Consultation about personal issues, traumas, struggles, and psychological problems. A complete reading of how your energy wants to flow, and what are the energies that are blocked that should be unlocked to reach your highest potential.
  • Vocational Astrology $34.98 – Our astrologer will help you make a career choice or direction. Reveal your ideal career, purpose, and work in this lifetime. Find a profession that really fits our needs. Unlock your hidden talents and skills that will make you successful.
  • Relocation / Astrocartography $28.98 – Provides insight as to the best place for you to live, travel, study or work based on your personal astrological chart. Are you looking the best place to find love and romance or the best place that will give you more career opportunities? This relocation astrology will help you determine the right place for you to find your heart’s desire.

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