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Carla lost her ATM card on October 25 2014. She asked for my insights on where could she find her lost ATM card. She said that she was going out to withdraw money but before that, she wrapped the ATM card into a plastic bag and left it in the dining table. She added that she never brings the ATM card outside because it is only used for her paycheck. I immediately asked her birth information to cast a horary astrology for lost items. Using her chart I immediately look at the second house because it is the house of her money and possessions (ATM Card). I checked the cusp of her second house, and it is the zodiac sign Cancer. After checking the second house cusp, I searched for placement of the ruling planet of Cancer which is the moon. As we see in the sample chart, the Moon is placed in the sixth house in scorpio.

Rhenea Client ChartWhen you look at the sixth house you might get an idea of losing the ATM Card into her workplace. But, it rather means she lost the ATM that she only use in her work as a paycheck. The moon also means the home of the native so it means it is indoors. With the placement of moon in scorpio I told her that the lost ATM card that she is looking for is somewhere she never expect. So search for the places you least expect the ATM will be found. I also added that the lost ATM card is somewhere hidden in a dirty part of the house where it gets rotted, and it might be underneath of something that makes it harder to find it. I also included wherever hiding spot she might think of where dirt and trash piles up. Carla look everywhere but she is having a hard time searching for her lost ATM card so she took a break thinking that what I’m saying is quite impossible because based on what she remembered she put it under their dining table.

After few hours of taking a break from searching, she decided to give my clues another try. I bestowed her the last clue in my mind and that is to look in the direction of north by east, and it is better to bring a compass with her. That direction points into her bedroom so, she look under her bed where dirt and rubbish are piled up and she grabbed a wrapped up plastic containing an ATM card. So yes she finally found her ATM card. But, she still cannot realize why is her ATM card under her bed all those times.

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