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Free Mini Astrology Reading


Note : ONLY for people who are in unfortunate situation and in desperate need of help.

Get a professional astrology reading for FREE by sending a direct message to Seraphic Siren Astrology’s Instagram or Twitter account!

List of Free Astrology Readings and Their Descriptions

  • Quick Natal Chart Reading – A quick natal chart consultation about the most important issue in your life.
  • Quick Forecasting – A quick forecast reading about your current natal transits to get an understanding what the planets are bringing into your life.
  • Love and Dating Advice – A quick chart reading about dating. Get to know your soulmate’s personality. Information on what you should treat people attract him/her into your life. A love and dating guidance to help stop attracting karmic relationship and finally meet your true love.
  • Karmic Relationship – A quick reading to help you get through a karmic relationship.
  • Saturn Return – Discussing the specific themes of your Saturn return.
  • Karmic Insights – The karmic insight report provides an in-depth look into the soul’s intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime.
  • Life Path Reading – A mini reading about your life purpose.


Instructions to Avail Free Reading:

  1. Follow our Instagram Account
  2. Follow our Twitter Account 
  3. Please send us a direct message using this format (Name of Astrology Reading / Name / Email / Birth Day / Birth Time / City of Birth).

e.g. Quick Forecasting / Lesley Alvarez / [email protected] / Jan 23, 1984  / 23:02 / Honolulu, Hawai

This free mini readings was made possible by my patrons on (Support us! Become a Patron to receive perks and help us continue give free consultations for those really need astrological help, but but can’t afford it


Want a Professional One Hour Astrological Consultation via Skype?

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