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Seraphic SirenProfessional Astrological Consultations Seraphic SirenProfessional Astrological Consultations

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Cancellation Policy

We appreciate your help in keeping our schedule running efficiently. If you are unable to attend an appointment, please let us know. Please request notice of cancellation within (8) eight hours of payment. If cancellation has been made with (8) eight hours, we will refund your payment.

Failure to Cancel within (8) Eight Hours.

Seraphic Siren Astrology will proceed the astrological consultation appointment if the client has already paid in full amount, and has not given (8) eight hours advance notice of cancellation.


You must cancel your appointment within (8) eight hours prior to the appointment to reschedule free of charge. Failure doing so will cost you additional 10% on the total cost of your purchase for rescheduling.

Late Comers

If clients arrive late to an astrological consultation appointment, they will still be required to pay the full session fee regardless of how much time is left of the scheduled appointment.

By scheduling appointments with our website, the client agrees  to attend all scheduled appointments in a timely manner. If a client is unable to attend a scheduled appointment, the client should cancel the appointment preferably within (8) eight hours in advance.

Failure to Arrive On Time.

Failure to come on time within the span of (15) minute grace will make your appointment automatically rescheduled. Reschedule fee is 10% on the total cost of your purchase.

Cancellation Policy of Your Membership Account.

Membership accounts can be cancelled within (72) seventy two hours of payment. Sign up fee cannot be refunded. Read More


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