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Astrology-Relationship Consultation with Seraphic Siren

venus conjunct mars synastrySeraphic Siren offers relationship consultation. Here we do our best to help the relationship or partnership grow into a meaningful union. We help to fix issues and guide the couples to understand each other. We give advice to the couples to focus on the positives, and to divert the negative planet energies into positive energies. We also give solution to the couples as well as assisting in choosing a very important decision in their relationship.

Astrology Relationship Consultation

Our astrology-relationship consultation consist of (60) sixty minutes call duration. There will be a twenty four (24) hours preparation time so I can completely analyze both your natal chats, and synastry chart. I will discuss the issues within the relationship and help you understand each other by discussing your differences and relationship blockage. I also provide the best advice to heal the relationship or decide what is the best for the relationship.

  • Compatibility $49.98 – A relationship reading to see whether the two persons are compatible with each other.
  • Matchmaking $49.98 – We help the client find a match based on his/her desired goals in a relationship. Whether it is about finding your soulmate, twin flame, business partner, co-author, marriage partner, dreamy romantic lover, duo singer etc.
  • Complete Relationship Analysis $69.98  – The consultation covers compatibility and relationship analysis to brought up underlying patterns and behaviors in the union.  There will be two individual natal charts, chart overlays (Synastry), and composite interpretation that will help us understand how two people bond positively and negatively. Here we will tackle the issues and help you fix the relationship. In this consultation I will discuss the fate of the relationship so you two know where you are both headed in the long run.


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