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septile aspect in astrology

Minor Aspect : What is Septile in Astrology?

A Septile is an aspect in astrology where the distance between two or more planets is 51 degrees and 26 minutes orb. To get a clear picture of this minor aspect, imagine dividing a circle into seven equal angle the you will get a Septile aspect. Septile is 1/7 of a circle.

February 2017 Monthly Planetary Transits – Horoscope

Overall Conclusion For This Month's Planetary Transits February 2017 Planetary Transits  - This month the highlight of the planetary transits are focused on communication, sharing of ideas, decision making, and learning new things. There will be a need to understand and grasp the other people's point of view quickly and rot learning will be bothersome. Working with others in…

Moon Jupiter square Pluto Venus 24 November 2016

Moon Jupiter square Pluto Venus on 24 November 2016 For those who asked me earlier what does the transits of Moon Jupiter square Pluto and Venus means this is a tribute for you all :D Moon conjunct Jupiter is bliss, combined with the need to obsessively achieve beauty. This transit that will happen on 24th…

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Help Me Create an Educational Astrology Blog with Free Astrological Consultation For Those Who Are Badly In Need But Can't Afford It. [button url="" new_tab="false" size="medium" style="solid" color="true" light="false"]Visit Our Patreon Page[/button][button url="" new_tab="false" size="medium" style="outline" color="true" light="false"]Patrons Login[/button][button url="" new_tab="false" size="medium" style="solid" color="true" light="false"]Become A Patron[/button] LEVELS & REWARDS $2/video -Weekly Horoscope Reports  Pledge…

Interpretation of Planet Mercury Through Various Keywords

The words written below are the interpretation of planet Mercury through various keywords. This information will help you easily remember, and interpret the planet Mercury's meaning when combined with other planets using astrology.   Mind, Intellect, Brainpower, Head, Ingenuity, Reasoning, Thoughts, Memory, Concentration, Conscious, Awareness, Viewpoint, Observation, Wit, Learn, Apperception, Attention, Bethink, Recall, Retain, Reminisce, Outlook, Psyche, Aptitude, Cleverness,…
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