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I often lost items nowadays. Maybe because daily responsibilities occupies my mind, plus all these information I’m learning from my board exam review. But thank God I learned how to find lost articles using Horary astrology! At first, I’m doubtful about how your natal chart and transiting planets connects with the valuables around you. I honestly thought it was just a coincidence that I found my missing book and my friend’s missing ATM card because of it. But I was wrong, It is not a coincidence. You can find lost items using astrology. So in this topic I will share the 6 steps on how to use Horary Astrology to find your lost articles This morning I lost the keys of my secret drawer where I keep my laptop whenever I’m not home. Usually, I hide the key inside the printer when the drawer is locked. And I leave the key in the drawer’s keyhole when it is not locked. I was shocked that the keys are not in the drawer’s keyhole when it not locked. So I panic because I can’t lock the drawer to keep my gadgets. I need to leave my house A.S.A.P so I just put my laptop in left the drawer unlocked. When I got home, I started to look everywhere. Because I need to stir up my emotion, and become frustrated first before I can have a chance to find it using horary astrology. When my emotions are all warmed up, I used my astrology software and searched for the lord of the second house and It leads me to the place where my keys are.

I decided to share the steps on how to use horary astrology to find your lost articles. This topic is about looking for your own possessions because there’s another method of searching for another person’s (friends, families, clients) things.

Step 1: You need to become frustrated, stir up your emotions and warm up a little bit. Think of the last place you remember hiding it. Look in the places where you think it got lost. Then search everywhere until you get tired and hopeless. Step 2: You need to have an astrology software. Use the software to cast your own natal chart and transit chart for this moment. Overlay your natal and transit chart. (more on transit chart later). Step 3: If you lost your belongings, assets, personal effects you have to look for cusp of your second house. Use the third house cusp if you are looking for books, documents, forms or any property that is movable like cars, bikes, motorcycle. Step 4: You need to know who is the lord of your second cusp or third house cusp. Here are the following guidelines.
  • Aries – Mars
  • Taurus – Venus
  • Gemini – Mercury
  • Cancer – Moon
  • Leo – Sun
  • Virgo – Mercury
  • Libra – Venus
  • Scorpio – Pluto/Mars
  • Sagittarius – Jupiter
  • Capricorn – Saturn
  • Aquarius – Saturn/Uranus
  • Pisces – Jupiter/Neptune

Step 5: After determining the ruling planet of your house cusp you need to cast a transit chart to determine the current position of the planets in your natal chart. Take note of the house and the zodiac sign its in.

Step 6: The ruling planet’s current position in your natal chart will give you a clue about where is your missing article. Here are some guidelines.

What is the ruling planets current zodiac position in your natal chart? – Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn – Hard to reach places, Above level, Top floors, Newly built structure or Duged ground, Ceilings. – Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius – Low areas, Floors, Hard to see places, Land, Soil, Near Walls, Solid Ground, in the walls. – Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces – Think if you lost it inside your house but if you think it is outside then it is near a watery place. What is the ruling planets current house position in your natal chart? – 1st/4th/7th/10th – In your house, Easy to see places, Hangout place, Place to relax and standby. – 3rd/6th/9th/12th – Hard to locate, Out of sight, Far Away, Covered, A place where you least expect, Mysterious Place, Secret Places, Nowhere to be found. – 2nd/5th/8th/11th – Outdoors, Garage, Yard, Unusual place, Place where children plays, Pets Playground. Not distant from where you are. What is the element of the zodiac sign where the ruling planet is positioned in your natal chart? – Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) – Somewhere windy, Look for higher places, Upper level of your house, Roof Deck, Ceiling, Top level shelves, Terrace. Use a compass and look at the areas in the WEST of your location. – Fire (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) – Somewhere where there is a source of heat, Electronics, Near Walls, Fireplace, Oven, Microwave, Stove, Near iron. Use a compass and look at the areas in the EAST of your location – Water (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) – Low places, Near water, Sink, Bathroom, Pipelines, Pond, Lakes, Ocean, Riverbank. Use a compass and look at the areas in the NORTH of your location. – Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) – Garden, Near Soil, Underground, Basement, Near Floor, Park. Use a compass and look at the areas in the SOUTH of your location.

As per my experience earlier, the cusp of my second house is Sagittarius and its ruling planet is Jupiter. Jupiter is transiting my Ninth house Leo in my natal chart. The zodiac sign Leo suggests that it is in a low area. I found my missing key and it was near a wall. Fire Sign means that its location is in the East that has sources of heat. The Ninth House means somewhere hidden from view and a secret place. I found my keys inside my printer all along! I did not find it there earlier because it was inside a small slot deep inside the printer.

If you need help on looking for a missing item just leave a comment the details below I’m happy to help you!

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  • I’ve been tying to figure out my chart for days. I have my natal and transit calendars. I lost an envelope with a great deal of money in it and it’s crucial I find it. There is a slight chance it was stolen. I simply don’t know & will not rest until I know for sure. I would be grateful if you could help.
    Thank you, Deanna

  • I can’t figure this out. I lost my keys and try as I might I can’t figure out the charts. I need help, please.

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