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2020 Mars Retrograde in Aries: Deceleration and Devising

As we’re focused on 2020, it makes sense to think about how planets will behave. What sign will they come with and when? How will those eclipses affect us?

What is Retrograde?

A planet is said to be retrograde when it is seen to be moving backward in the zodiac from the earth’s service. In a real sense, however, it isn’t moving backward as no planet moves backward. It only appears that way. The only planets that don’t undergo a retrograde are the Sun and the Moon.

Usually, planets move through the planets in a forward direction, and so when they retrograde, their energy can get thrown off. Mars starts moving backward every two years. This experience will last for roughly two months. 2020 Mars retrograde will take place between 9th September and 13th November. 

According to astrologers, it is advisable to avoid some actions when a planet is in retrograde motion. But what does the 2020 Mars Retrograde in Aries mean?

What Does Mars Retrograde in Aries Mean?

Mars relates greatly to the warrior archetype. It embodies determination, action, impulsiveness, assertiveness, and aggression. Mars can also be related to sexuality – not in terms of romance, but with instinct and desire.

While Mars represents forward movements, new cycles, and actions, when it’s moving backward it implies that we need to go slow and be very careful in our actions during the two months of Mars retrograde.

And since the motivational landscape is prone to changes, it is important to settle, test and complete everything, otherwise it might not be continued.

Mars rules the self-defense principle, meaning if it is distorted, it can turn into irritability and bellicosity. Moving to a new office, a new house, or other such things is not advisable.

Due to the influence Mars and Mercury have on sexuality, some people might want to look for new sexual adventures. However, this might not be a good time to choose new partners or even start a new relationship.

You don’t need to overload yourself during this retrograde as everything in it comes in a slow rhythm.

This year’s Retrograde Mars in Aries comes after 32 years since the last retrograde, and it will take 47 years before the next one in 2067.

As a result, we should take advantage of all the potential lessons that can help improve our lives.

If you’re among the people who are always afraid of retrograde movements, remember that at most times, there is a retrograde planet in the sky, and so the best you can do is take advantage of the energy that surrounds us. Don’t forget that the universe knows about us better.

While people keep talking about Venus and Mercury retrogrades, Mars is the planet that has a huge impact on us when it goes backward. So we can’t ignore it when thinking about 2020 retrogrades.

When and How Will Mars in Aries Retrograde in 2020 Occur?

2020 Retrograde Mars in Aries will happen between 11th September and 15th November. For two months, it will influence our lives in various aspects. Every person will be influenced differently according to their natal chart.

You’re better placed to identify which house, and ultimately which aspect of your life is more likely to be influenced when you know your natal chart. In this case, you should find out where Aries is. 

2020 Retrograde Mars in Aries: Its Focus

Mars in Aries is more focused in terms of power. Every person will in a way see this happen through some transformations and reflections between September and November 2020. You’ll need to be responsible for your life as well as your manifestation in this world.

It will also help reflect on past life experiences that you can use to boost your negative patterns and limiting beliefs. Lessons will also come in retrograde moments.

Also, it might expose some energies you’ve hidden subconsciously. It’s your opportunity to change it. How? For instance, by transforming your anger and bitterness and being more confident in yourself.

Crucial Tips to Help Take Advantage of Retrograde Mars in Venus in 2020

Even though the energy can be of anger, distractions or even fights, if you focus on positive energies, you can benefit from the opportunities that come with it. It also gives you a chance to solve some problems.

Here are the tips to consider:

·         Avoid rushing into things.

·         Don’t react to challenges.

·         Be flexible to changes.

·         Take care of yourself.

·         Work on finding solutions.

·         Be cautious of your health, especially when it comes to your head.


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