Venus in Cancer Lover

This topic is a confession that will educate you about the native with a planet venus in cancer sign. It includes their thoughts, rants, wishes, cautions, and dreams in love relations. Remember that the whole chart still needs to be studied to determine the intensity of the planet in the house.

Have you ever wonder what life is like to be a Venus in Cancer lover? Well, it’s difficult specially when we are in love with the fire dominant signs like aries, leo and sagittarius. We feel neglected, for-granted, and not taken seriously as if we were a big joke. It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t affectionate and sensitive like we do. You might think that we Venus in Cancer lovers are weak, too sensitive and too passive but we are the ones who will not leave you no matter what!

At first the story goes around like this. Our suitors keep calling us, bugging us, want to know more about us then they will do everything they can to make us fall in love. When the time comes that we are head over heels with that person, he or she eventually became bored with our love. Our ex-lovers are annoyed with our sentimental gestures and think we are treating them like babies by mothering them but, it is just the way we are. They also think that we are suffocating them, that we could not give you a break and always want to be with your side. That’s how we show our feelings we express it with too much affection.

You might think that we are needy, dependent, and could not live without you. Yes you are right, we need someone to share our life, and love to bring colors into our dull world. We are also guilty of being afraid to lose our beloved because, you might fall into the wrong hands that he or she might not take care of you the way we do. Can’t you see thats how we Venus in Cancer lovers love, we give all our hearts. We don’t give give up easily unless you are the ones who chooses to leave.

Venus LoveWe like to take care of the house and buy stuffs to beautify our own home wait, should I say our future home? We also love to cook specially when we are cooking for our beloved. We are not obsessed with our lovers, we just think that pleasing you will make you fall for us even more! Please if you don’t like how we behave, you could ask us nicely and make us understand that you don’t like how we show our love to you. We surely have a broken heart but eventually, we will keep our best to tame our behavior.

We are sweet, touchy, we love to hug, to kiss and to hold hands. Though we are not very romantic, we express our love by being a emphatic lover. We will notice when you are feeling sad and lonely even if you did not tell us. That is the the cancer’s keyword “WE FEEL”. We feel everything about you, including you having an affair with other women. Don’t blame us when we are accusing you with somebody else with no basis or proof, we just FEEL it. Yes, it might be weird and crazy but our gut feeling is never wrong.

How does it feels to be a Venus in Cancer lover? It’s sad, horrible, dramatic and we hate that we feel you are falling out of love with us!You should pay more attention with our fragile heart. Don’t play with us nor come near us when your intention is only to harm us. We look for true love that will have a happily ever after like the fairy tales we used to watch and believe when we were young. But in real world there’s no such thing as fairy tale.

Though we still hope for our prince charming, a pure water sign like us cancers who will be more gentle, imaginative and loving relationship. Maybe an earth sign will give us a more stable and grounding relationship that will balance our emotion to reality? What do you suggest? We Venus in Cancer lovers cant made up our mind!

Every chart has different planet patterns. Results may vary depending on the whole chart and planets combinations. Consult an Astrologer if you are experiencing any negative effects of this aspect!Yes, Please Analyze My Chart Now!
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