Taurus Rising Sign – Ascendant in Taurus

Taurus Rising Sign –  Ascendant in Taurus

People with Taurus Rising in their Natal Chart are often judged as stubborn and immovable. They are the tree huggers, and just like plants do, they are slow growing and wants to blossom naturally. They are simple-looking, but very charming, and charismatic. They use earthy tones as their makeup, and often wears floral or warm color tones. They are good at planning things step-by-step.

Scorpio Rising Sign in Friendship

The friends of Taurus Rising Sign call them as bull-headed. Because they often ask for an advice, but never follows it. A person with Ascendant in Taurus will only call you as their friend or best friend if you passed the test of time. They are not comfortable when others rush the friendship status. It is hard to earn their trust because it develops gradually.

Scorpio Rising Sign in Love Relationship

People with Taurus Rising Sign don’t like to rush love relationships. They usually like to go with the flow. Their lover often lose confidence in the relationship. Because, they find it hard to take things to the next level. Their partners are comfortable around them, because of their steady and faithful attitude. In fact, they are so steady that other signs might become bored with them. People with Ascendant in Taurus don’t like a sudden emotional outburst. They can’t handle an on and off status in the relationship. It is often the reason they leave the relationship.

Taurus Rising Sign as a Marriage Partner

Their marriage partner sees them as devoted, affectionate, and stable father of the family. Taurus Rising loves to provide the needs wants of their marriage partner. They enjoy to be the shoulder to lean on in matters of desperate need, and emotional support. They will inject their strong values about possessions in their married life, and they hope that their husband/wife will adopt it.

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