South Node Conjunct Pluto in the Synastry

South Node Conjunct Pluto in the Synastry ( North Node Opposite Pluto )

Nodes are important in our natal chart. It tells something about our path in life that we need to learn and balance. Sometimes, we attract people that helps us become more aware of our intended path. These people sticks around as if they are the key to unlock the hidden lessons of the nodes. In this article, I will share my insights about South Node Conjunct Pluto or North Node opposite Pluto in the Synastry Chart. I will also share how it feels to be the Pluto person or Node person in this relationship.

When Pluto aspects to your north or south node, your awareness of the nodes becomes more intense. But nodes in conjunction or opposition to the Pluto in the Synastry is not bad at all! The node person is enlightened, and captivated to the Pluto person qualities. The Pluto person reminds him about what he or she already is, and he needs to improve to complete his life path. Hard aspect between the North node and Pluto makes it challenging for him to let go of his comfort zone. But he is willing to cooperate to the Pluto person for his/her personal growth.

What does the Node person feels when he or she is around the pluto person?

The Node person feels comfortable and obsessed in his South Node. But still, he becomes aware that he should not rot in the past in order to mature. Since the Pluto person has the qualities of his South Node, and he loves her deeply, he subconsciously returns to his comfort zone. (To determine the area of life where the Node Person will be obsessed. Please look for the zodiac sign, and the house location of the nodes).

What does the Pluto Person feels when he or she is around the Node person?

The Pluto person feels normal and continues to be herself (A obsessive compulsive person). She embodies the comfort zone of the node person and the lessons that the north node person already mastered from the past life. She feels guilty because she manipulates the node person to be stuck in a habit of being in his comfort zone. She is uncomfortable that the Node person follows her every move. The Pluto person encourage the Node person to balance both her north and south node for a healthy relationship, because she realized that the obsession is destructive for both of them.

The Pluto person becomes the lead in this relationship. While the node person prefers not to move until the Pluto person decide where they are both heading. Pluto becomes the node role model. (You still have to consider if there are inner planets involved in this aspect to get better interpretation about pluto and the nodes.)

The positive effects of this Synastry Aspect.

  • A passionate, loving and encouraging bond will be formed.
  • Attachment with one another is very intense.
  • The node person will be guided to balance both his/her north node and south node. ( In a sense of realization of the past traumatic situation or positive encouragement from the pluto person.
  • The Pluto person can relate to the node person strengths.
  • They both feel that there is a sense of mission and obsession on wanting to move forward.
  • There will be changes and transformation.

The negative effects of this synastry aspect.

  • Power struggles when the node person refuses to step forward to his path.
  • The Node person will become stuck in his/her comfort zone is the Pluto person is too afraid to let go of control and power over him/her.
  • There are conflicts and arguments because they express their passion this way.
  • The Pluto person is uncomfortable that he/she might lose the Node Person, if the Node Person stick to only in his North Node path.
  • The Node Person will be stressed with the see-saw type of personality that he must do in order to please the Pluto person.
  • They are irrational guilt that makes them stuck.
  • They keep thinking about the past.

Have you experienced having a North Node opposite Pluto or South Node conjunct Pluto in the Synastry? Will you please share your experience in the comments section below? Thank you so much!

Every chart has different planet patterns. Results may vary depending on the whole chart and planets combinations. Consult an Astrologer if you are experiencing any negative effects of this aspect!Yes, Please Analyze My Chart Now!
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