Natal Chart – Sun conjunct Descendant

Sun conjunct Descendant

Those native with Natal Sun Conjunct Descendant attract partners that wants to shine and become the center of their life. Those people with this placement will have egoistic partners that wants to steal the spotlight from them. The Sun is the native’s father in astrology and with this placement in your Natal Chart look tend to look for a partner that is the same as your father’s personality because it reminds it of your father’s greatness. You also have trouble between someone else’s ego and your personality, that you might have problems in co-relations with them. The seventh house also means enemies, you might dislike over exaggerated people that acts like royalties, bossy or someone with authority around you that it oppose your humble being or with that you are deemed to be submissive to them and might not like it and become enemies with them but it is only true when your Sun in the Natal Chart conjunction in the 7th House Cusp has a hard aspect to another planet.

Being with other people specially a partner will boost your ego and become confident, these people always look for a partner maybe a trophy boyfriend or girlfriend or a trophy husband or wife that will make them confident any anyway they go in life. These people might become uncomfortable without a partner and they are the ones who have a long list of ex-lovers as they cannot live for so long without a partner in life. In business these people like trustworthy business partners that will boost also their confidence and rely on them for strength. They might decide to make their wife or husband a business partner as it completes them. Their business might become dull or boring without anyone sharing the assets and especially the liabilities. They are the ones who will become an underdog to someone who they trust and they will worship their partners as a king, so in business he or she might be passive and just to provide help for his or her partner even how hard it he or she will become sacrificial. Its true when its either for business, marriage, or associates only if the sun doesn’t have and hard aspect.

With the Natal Sun in Descendant that has an hard aspect, expect everything I told above to be the other way around. The native have troubles with ego and other people’s ego. The native always thinks that he is the boss and will never look up to someone unless he or she needs to do so. With a group of people or with a partner he or she should shine and he or she should have the full attention of the group or the partner. He might get jealous if someone has the spotlight, and might become too competitive in popularity and being the best in the area where he or she active.

Every chart has different planet patterns. Results may vary depending on the whole chart and planets combinations. Consult an Astrologer if you are experiencing any negative effects of this aspect!Yes, Please Analyze My Chart Now!
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  • Aprie
    June 7, 2016 12:53 pm

    hello again 🙂
    I have sun in 7th house, with hard aspect to pluto,
    I had a boyfriend who never like if I adviced him anything, or if I was way better than him,
    eventhough I have been so nice toward him, he kept envying me over nonsence, I always support my partner, although that means i have to sacrifice myself, yes its true
    i do have some people around me who is bossy, haha..
    Your info is great

  • June 7, 2016 9:38 pm

    It might be the effect of the synastry chart. I think one of his planets aspected your sun-pluto. That’s why he doesn’t take any advice from you. There’s something about his ego.

  • Stephon Williams
    October 13, 2016 1:23 pm

    I have my sun in my 7th house (Taurus) descendant opposite my Pluto in 1st house (Scorpio). Do you think you can help me with this aspect ?

  • November 21, 2016 9:42 pm

    I will write an article regarding this one, but for the meantime here is my brief interpretation.

    Sun in the 7th house opposite Pluto in the 1st house means that you have to do your own thing with others! You need to learn how to naturally (let inner self tell you when is the right time) bond with others. Like for example in a relationship, being married at the right time.

    Being true to yourself and by totally immersing yourself with others. Actually it means that you are obsessive in relationships.

    I have to see your natal chart. Every chart is unique.

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