The native with a Moon in Pisces is very sensitive and soft about their feelings. The person with this natal placement is easily hurt emotionally, and does not want to hurt other people’s feelings as well. People with the natal moon in pisces are very helpful to others in time of need. They are willing to sacrifice themselves just to provide emotional nurturing to others and agrees to become the savior of the people they care about. They also provide comforting energy to the helpless and may attract emotional vampires into their lives.

These people suffer from emotional turmoil, a state of emotional conflict because of their unstable emotion and unable to stay calm for a long period of time. This is true especially when they are emotionally hurt, confusion persists and unable to think clearly which results to headaches, stress and difficulties in deciding. They often feel lost when in a bad mood, questioning themselves of what they want or why are they in a certain situation. They retreat into their own solitude when emotional wounded to heal themselves.

Their emotions are like the fishes from the salty waters of the ocean. They do not like someone who put heavy demands on them emotionally, and might run away if you keep catching their attention to focus on you. They prefer someone who gives freedom to the mood they are in, if they do not feel like being caged with you all the time so, let he or she decides what to do in their life. They love spirituality and may have some psychic gifts of intuition but, an artistic talent is also possible. They also love emotional and calming music because it makes their emotion stable and being able to delve deeper into their imagination and fantasy. They are also great in romance because they feel their partners emotional needs.

The person with Moon in Pisces has a mother who is very imaginative and sensitive. When he or she is still growing up, he or she sees the mother as a sacrificial person and feels the pain she is experiencing. The mother is often confused, lost or may seems innocent in life. She often depends on religious or spiritual beliefs to overcome adversities. The mother is soft, emotionally weak, and forgiving, the native might see her mother as a martyr while growing. The person with the natal moon in pisces deeply cares for the his or her mother and more attached to women.

Every chart has different planet patterns. Results may vary depending on the whole chart and planets combinations. Consult an Astrologer if you are experiencing any negative effects of this aspect!Yes, Please Analyze My Chart Now!
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