Transiting Planets Above Us For UTC-08:00 Time ZoneMonthly Planetary Transits

Your Guide On How To Take Advantage of the Current Planetary Transits Energies

Free Monthly Planetary Transits by Seraphic Siren Astrology.

This planetary transits page consist of important transit aspects throughout the entire month. Zodiac Signs are not included in this forecast. It is more on interpreting the current planetary patterns above us, and how we can use its energy in a positive way. You may download our Transit Calendar and save it into your planner. Use it as a guide on your future plans.

Every planetary transit aspect has a minimum of 3 planet pattern, but it still depends on the current transits.

Interpretation of Planetary Transits Consist of the Following :

  1. Information on how you can take advantage of the planetary transits and its energy influence.
  2. Specific activities where you can utilize its energy flow to be more productive.
  3. Suitable and Unsuitable things to do.
  4. Overall conclusion of the Month’s Energy Flow, and how will it affect things and people around us.
  5. Guidance on how to avoid negativities and depressions during hard planetary aspects.

Important Notice : Take note that this is a generalized interpretation and are not computer generated. If you want a personalized reading of the planetary transits with your natal chart please support us on Patreon and Pledge for a Monthly Prediction.

Effects of Planetary Transits in Astrology

In astrology, planetary transits has an effect with human behavior and personality. Their aspects into your natal birth chart are one of the clues to figure out what kind of people, things or scenario that will enter into your life.

Transit aspects is a very useful tool if analyzed correctly with your natal chart ( Get Personalized Reading Here ) It can guide you to successfully start a new project, and pick the right people that will be helpful to your success. It can also give information on what you should learn for you to grow spiritually.

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