Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Since January 21, 2015 11:55pm Mercury began to retrograde in the sign of Aquarius and it will last for twenty-one days until February 11, 2015. During this mercury retrograde period, the native will experience difficulties in communication and mental stress (mercury) using electronics, technologies, and internet (Aquarius). It is also possible to have major misunderstanding between you and your friends and eventually will lead to arguments. Headache is also possible if the Mercury retrograde in Aquarius forms a hard aspect in your ascendant in the natal chart. Most people think that mercury retrograde is a bad luck, that everything might go wrong during this transit and may decide to postpone events and dealings with other people.

Depending on the Mercury Retrograde aspects in your natal chart, you may experience fortunate or unfortunate circumstances and situations during this twenty-one-day period. Some of the few fortunate benefits of this retrograde (if it has some soft aspects with your chart) are the following. You might gain good amount of money because of the misunderstanding your client agrees upon to. Being extra motivated because of the idea that you misinterpret from others. A long forgotten friend contacts you through mobile or social media to say hi and chat. Cancellation of meetings that involves short distance travel a fortunate scenario if you need some rest from traveling.

Some of the unfortunate scenario you will experience during this Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius transit(if it has some hard aspects with your chart) are the following. Misunderstandings or unwanted purchases from online shopping. Your tablet, laptop, desktop, cell phone or WiFi modem are not working properly. Your calls and text software applications started to have problems. Ideas from your mind don’t flow easily like before and might experience a blocking ones creative flow of thoughts. You might also get involved into new groups and association in forums and social media but, finding it too hard to cope up and might misunderstand your agenda.

Here are some Mercury retrograde stories and experiences from our friends.

Jethro has his Mercury retrograde in Aquarius trine Jupiter in the sixth house. He noticed that he became energized to do all the work with his business. He never got this enormous amount of mental capacity and energy as he remembers. He said that it feels as if he could face any intellectual dealings with his clients and business negotiations. He also stated that he has this great idea on how to expand his business and work environment that never pops out in his mind before.

Another example is Warren who is experiencing hard aspects with his Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. It semi-square his natal Venus and Uranus, square Pluto in the and conjunct his own natal Mercury in Aquarius. His transit mercury retrograde conjunct his natal mercury so, it means that mercury retrograde amplifies natal mercury’s energy. Mercury square Pluto in his natal chart and it means that he is having problems on how truthful and honest he is when in a conversation. Venus conjunct Uranus means unexpected love; it semi-square his transit mercury retrograde so he will get involved into a love conversation.

During Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, he experienced getting into a situation where a girl confess her love to him unexpectedly. Warren hurt her feelings by responding into honest conversation about him not liking her back. He realized that he hurt the girl’s feelings resulting into mental stress. Transit Mercury is also sesquiquadrate his Chiron, while his natal Chiron trine his north node and sextile his south node. The aspect means that he has his destiny will have to do with alleviation of other people’s suffering and this is the reason why the girl fell in love with him.

Do you have any Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius experience to share? Write your story in the comment section or join our astrology forum!

Every chart has different planet patterns. Results may vary depending on the whole chart and planets combinations. Consult an Astrologer if you are experiencing any negative effects of this aspect!Yes, Please Analyze My Chart Now!
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