Learn Astrology – Beginner’s Courses

A beginner's guide on astrology, free lectures, worksheets, quizzes, and step-by-step guide. Study the meaning of the horoscopes, planets and aspects. Learn how to interpret natal, synastry, transit and composite charts!

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HERE ARE THE IMPORTANT THINGS YOU'LL NEEDPrepare The Following and Let’s Get Started!

  • Astrology Software – An astrology software is a computer program that will calculate astrological charts for you based on your birth data. I already provided an online astrology software for you, in case you don’t have your own. You’re welcome 🙂
  • Ballpen, Notebook, and Journal – You need this to take notes in case you can’t memorize all the astrological meanings of the planets, aspects and horoscopes. A journal will help you recall the effects of planetary aspects in the past.

What is Astrology?Definitely not a voodoo, magic, or psychic powers! Astrology is a scientific study of heavenly bodies correlating with human behaviour, personality, and weather.

History of AstrologyThe observation of the celestial bodies having effects here on earth started around 2500 B.C. Ancient people used astrology as celestial omens, and a tool for divination.

What is a Natal Chart?A Natal Chart is a simplified graphic version of the sky written on a flat paper. It shows the position of the planets, zodiacs and their angular distances on the time you were born.

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