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An Interactive Birth Chart Calculator

Here are the Instructions on How to Use our Free Natal Chart Service.

Enter your birthday, city of birth, and exact time of birth from your birth certificate. This free Natal Chart software will calculate your natal chart for you and display in this page. If you do not know your exact birth time, just check the time unknown box beside the birth time bar.

Move your mouse arrow over the positions of the planets, asteroids, zodiac signs, houses and midpoints of the Natal chart and click it to read the interpretation for each element. To view other explanations click reduce button and hover your mouse again into the different region then, click your mouse again to expand.

This Natal Chart Calculator supports four different display options namely

  • List of Aspects and Positions of Planets
  • Aspects to AS and MC
  • Secondary Asteroids
  • Minor Aspects

To Display the Secondary Asteroids and the List of Aspect and Position of Planets, Please Check the first and last box and then click the redraw button below it. Scroll down the chart and you will see an organised display of list of your planets and aspect. You could print or take a note of all the Asteroid and Planet position that are shown for further use. You can anytime to go back to previous part of the chart by clicking reduce for more interpretation.

Remember that the chart interpretation in this software is based on the book 360 degrés du Zodiaque, the fixed star and the Caballah.  Their meanings must be regarded with extraordinary diligence, especially with the reality that different authors and interpreters give different explanation to the symbolic degrees.


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