Meet Your Filipino Astrologer

Professional VA & Financial Astrologer

Filipino Astrologer Reynalyn Cruz is the lady behind the name Seraphic Siren. Reynalyn is a VA astrologer and the CEO of Seraphic Siren Astrology. She is the founder of Asian Astrology Group. She has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, a Vocational Degree in Professional Astrology Certificate Program and she took up courses on Ethics and Counseling Training.

Reynalyn is a forex and stock market analyst, a day trader, and a part-time professional practicing astrologer since 2015 in Manila, Philippines. She focuses on guiding her clients to unlock their highest potential and reach a higher level of achievement in life. She helps by making a great change in your personal life, family, and relationship. She pretty much help everyone to be successful, success in terms of having a sense of satisfaction.

Her philosophy in astrology is that the charts shows a wiring diagram that helps us get a glimpse of the persons behaviour. If we are familiar with the behaviours, it then helps us get an idea on how the person will react in a relationships and certain planetary transits. She use a method called Vibrational Astrology. VA is a Harmonic System produced by John Addey in Great Britain, and today developed into an advanced level lead by Reynalyn’s guru, David Cochrane.

Her knowledge and experience in astrology, combined with her knowledge of financial market, astronomy, psychology, economics, research methodology, business management, her years of work with clients, and spiritual and metaphysical orientation to life is a rare combination. Thus with these interest makes her pursue to create research study relating the movements of celestial bodies to events in financial markets. Her aim is to create a high probability trading strategy in addition to fundamentals and technical analysis in trading.




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