February 2017 Monthly Planetary Transits – Horoscope


Overall Conclusion For This Month’s Planetary Transits

February 2017 Planetary Transits  – This month the highlight of the planetary transits are focused on communication, sharing of ideas, decision making, and learning new things. There will be a need to understand and grasp the other people’s point of view quickly and rot learning will be bothersome. Working with others in the community to do planning and design will be favorable. As well as redesigning your house or business interior decoration. Family and friends are going to be important to you this month.  At the end of the month you may feel that you may not see eye to eye with others and you may feel that it is better that your thoughts are unexpressed.

Suitable : Freedom of speech. Discussions about politics. Important decision making. Planning of social gatherings. Writing. Learning a new subject. Buy new stock.

Unsuitable :  Saying things without carefully analyzing the situation/problem. Gambling.

February 2017 Planetary Transits means communication and making peace with others and the community to achieve healing and wholeness. On February 14, it is advisable to contemplate and make important decisions. February 26 and 27 is a good time for business and entertainment industries.

List of February 2017 Planetary Transits

(Download Transit Calendar)

February 2 – Mercury square Jupiter
February 9 – Sun sextile Uranus
February 10 – Mercury sextile Venus
February 11 – Sun trine Jupiter
February 14 – Sun sextile Saturn

February 16 – Mercury sextile Mars
February 20 – Mercury sextile Uranus
February 21 – Mercury trine Jupiter
February 22 – Mars square Pluto
February 23 – Mercury sextile Saturn
February 26 – Mars conjunct Uranus
February 27 – Mars opposite Jupiter

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