Celebrity Astrology – Will.I.Am Natal Chart Interpretation

Celebrity Astrology – Will.I.Am Natal Chart Interpretation using Vibrational Astrology Method

by Seraphic Siren

Will.I.Am (AA Data) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will.i.am
March 15, 1975
1:16 AM
Los Angeles, California


Analysis – In Will.I.Am’s Natal Chart I see an Augmented Pyramid with Sun conjunct Moon/Mercury, Pluto opposite Sun/Moon and Moon opposite Uranus/Pluto Midpoints.

Interpretation – This means that he has sudden flashes of emotions if he gets too personal. If he is sad he will not be afraid to cry. He is very emotional and he is nice to talk to he like personal communication. He also has strong opinions. He cares too much how others feel.  Wants to really get to know the other person and their past when he is talking to them.


14th Harmonic Natal Chart

Analysis – Hard aspect of Moon-Mercury-Sun-Mars Pattern, Sun-Mercury-Moon-Neptune and Venus-Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in the 14th Harmonic Chart (7×2)

Interpretation – He is an eternal student and a teacher. He loves to learn, understand and train. When he gets personal he does not like to offend or hurt others feelings. If he is training or coaching others he can’t control his emotional side. He is not a strict teacher. He is very loving and supportive when it comes to pursuing ones dreams.



35th Harmonic Natal Chart

Analysis – Hard aspects of Sun-Moon-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn, Sun-Mercury-Mars-Pluto and soft aspect of Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus Pattern in the 35th Harmonic (5×7)

Interpretation – Very creative in entertainment or sports area. He has the capacity to be creative and disciplined and he can work hard in the entertainment industry. He believed that learning should be playful. Sun-Moon-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn in the 35th Harmonic means that he likes to be in a atmosphere where he can think and focus about his next business idea. He is smart and strategic. Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus means he thinks fast, witty and clever. Sun-Mercury-Mars-Pluto is creative writing so he can be playful with words.

Notice his creativity in creating brand names using his name in this video.

171st Harmonic Natal Chart

Analysis : Venus-Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune  Conjunction in the 171st Harmonic Chart (19×9)

Interpretation : This is a sense of oneness in other cultures and it is very healing. High culture. A big dance group, fantasy movies, dance and music video, trance music and dance in the community. Night clubs & parties. He loves stories of how other culture have a feeling of magic in their community. Very generous and giving and can be wasteful.


5th Harmonic Natal Chart

Analysis – Moon-Mars-Uranus-Pluto grand trine in the 5th Harmonic Chart. He also has Moon opposite Mercury/Jupiter, Moon Opposite Uranus/Pluto and Sun opposite Moon/Mercury Midpoint.

Interpretation – So he is athletic and he has an hyper playful energy that’s why he is a dancer. Probably he plays basketball, football, soccer or at least he is a runner because Mars and Uranus likes to be in the moment and is very fast. He also likes to laugh and tell creative personal stories because of the Midpoints.





7th Harmonic Natal Chart

Analysis – Jupiter-Saturn Trine Pluto in the 7th Harmonic Chart (Check hard aspect interpretation in the 14th Harmonic Chart)

Interpretation – This means that can be progressive, he is an outstanding strategist and sense of what will work. He is efficient and good at making long term goals.


8th Harmonic Natal Chart

Analysis – Sun-Venus-Mars-Uranus Pattern with Sun opposite Moon/Mercury, Moon conjunct Mercury/Neptune, Mars opposite Moon/Mercury Midpoints in the 8th Harmonic Natal Chart.

Interpretation – He seeks surprises and and excitement in his daily life. He needs a lively and fast paced environment to live in. He needs to feel alive with music and dance. He also motivated to learn science, computer, technology or anything that grabs his imagination and exciting to him.




9th Harmonic Natal Chart

Analysis – Sun-Mars-Jupiter, Mercury-Mars-Pluto, Mercury-Saturn-Neptune-Uranus pattern with Venus conjunct Moon/Mars, Mars conjunct Sun/Venus, Neptune opposite Sun/Mars, Neptune opposite Venus/Jupiter Midpoints in the 9th Harmonic Chart.

Interpretation – He has a sense of mission to achieve big in the community. He is generous and friends are important to him. He is visionary and wants his fantasy to come into reality. He is a realist, sincere and honest and it is very healing for others. He wants to be in a luxuries life, where he has can travel travel, and where he can get nice ambiance where he sees the beauty of the world, see different places, elegant lifestyle. An ideal lifestyle that most people can’t achieve. To be happy he needs to share a marriage (Venus-Mars) that also has this kind of lifestyle.

A Jet set lifestyle – http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/voice-judge-william-nearly-quit-7110306

13th Harmonic Natal Chart

Analysis – Sun-Venus-PlutoSun-Mars-Pluto and Mars-Saturn-Uranus pattern in the 13th Harmonic Chart.

Interpretation – He wants to become transcend from being a mediocre to someone special in passionate love relationship. He is looking for that intense love where they are both really in love and probably it is an interracial relationship with a very talented poet. He has a different outlook when it comes to his sex life, very unique.



17th Harmonic Natal Chart

Analysis – Mercury-Neptune-Pluto, Sun-Neptune-Pluto pattern with Moon conjunct Uranus/Neptune, Moon conjunct Uranus/Pluto Midpoints in the 17th Harmonic Chart.

Interpretation – He have an acting skill and he can put himself into the other person’s shoes and actually be the character specifically a fantasy or psychic character.

Will.I.Am as John Wraith: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kestrel_(Marvel_Comics))

19th Harmonic Natal Chart

Analysis – Mercury-Venus-Mars-Neptune, Sun-Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Pluto, Moon-Sun-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Patterns in the 19th Harmonic Chart.

Interpretation – He has a talent in theatre performing and is good in directing romantic movies or at least likes romantic movies. Interest in many styles of writings from different ethnic background. A love for literature. Writes lyrics in based on different viewpoints. Interest in doing big business with different artist.

Likes to collaborate different ideas in writing lyrics. He is not fixed into one style of music and likes to write different styles and work with different people.




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