Capricorn Rising Sign – Ascendant in Capricorn

The first impressions to those who are having Capricorn Rising Sign in their natal Chart are aloof, and detached. They can separate themselves to the situation, so they can get a clear look at it. Ascendant in Capricorn often visualizes things. They carefully look at both past and possible future of things before they move forward. They often follow a life of peace, focus, and less worry. They are traditional, and live within strong beliefs and values.

Capricorn Rising Sign in Friendship

Their friends know them very well for being dependable. Capricorn Rising offers the most practical and mature advice that’s why their friends love.  They can’t stand the immaturity and foolishness of their friend’s mistakes. But, they still do their best to straighten up their situation and help. They are the best planners and organizers of parties in their circle.

Capricorn Rising Sign in Love Relationship

In relationship, Capricorn Rising focus on creating a stable foundation from ground up. They want everything to be secure before they marry. Their partner sees them as responsible, and busy. People with Ascendant in Capricorn don’t have the time to play love games with anyone. All they do is to focus themselves on those important problems in their relationship and fix it. When they found the girl that they want to marry, they focus on their career. So they could give a stable life to their partner in the future.

Capricorn Rising Sign as a Marriage Partner

Their marriage partner sees them as an excellent bread winner of the family. Capricorn Rising strategically plans for the betterment of their marriage and family. They are going to be busier than ever!  They will concentrate on the success of their profession, to improve their status. People with Capricorn Rising Sign like to have order and discipline inside the family. They are likely to implement their tradition and strict values into the marriage partnership.

Do you know how people see you as a Capricorn Rising? Or do you know someone who has a Capricorn rising? Please share the first thing that comes into your mind when you see them. Write your comments in the comments section below! Thank you!

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