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Astrology-Relationship Consultation with Seraphic Siren

venus conjunct mars synastrySeraphic Siren offers relationship consultation through astrology. Here we do our best to help the relationship or partnership grow into a meaningful union. We help to fix issues and guide the couples to understand themselves and each other. Giving advice to the couples to focus on the positives, and to divert the negative planet energies into positive. We also guide the couples to change their bad habits in the relationship as well as assisting in choosing a very important decision in their relationship.



Alexandra Ada

I’ve just made a synastry reading with the Seraphic Siren. She analyzed our birth chart personalities and made a match. Unlike with other astrologers, she goes in depth of the chart, puts all pieces together and offers very helpful tips, things that might be obvious in the relationship but you might not take them into consideration. She is an open minded person, don’t judge. i’ll come back for more readings. She is unique, she also take into consideration the harmonic charts which i didn’t have from other astrologers. I’m so happy i met her. Really insightful and positive person. She made me see all the goods i have and i didn’t see for myself.

Jay Kumar

From last few years I had lots of problems on my complicated relationship. Due to lots of difficulties and confusions, I feel like which way is exact clear and successful. Many friends told me to do many thing to get recovery from my problems. But, I can’t able to control myself to get out from this problem. Suddenly I found Seraphic Siren Astrology service & they clear my all doubts and give me best advice to recover my life and how I can get solution from my problems. Now, I am very happy and able to live my life with fun… I must recommend you to try this service if you are in big trouble or relationship problems and other life related problem.


Try Our Relationship Consultation Through Astrology

Seraphic Siren’s Astrology-Relationship Consultation Service

Complete Relationship Analysis – 60mins(Consultation via Skype)

PRICE : $160.00
An astrology-relationship consultation that consist various astrological techniques such as  Synastry Chart Reading, Composite Chart Reading, Harmonic Compatibility, Midpoint Comparison, Vibrational Astrology and more. It will  allow us to understand how the relationship wants to flow. Whether there is incompatibility, struggles, conflicts, and unresolved issues. I include an interpretation of the karma and fate of the relationship, to discover how the relationship will develop in the long run, and I will guide you thoroughly to achieve a positive result.

I will help you understand and fix your relationship problems. I will help the couples make the relationship grow and turn the relationship into the next level or just simply assist you to enjoy the relationship in a positive way. I’ll provide guidance if you need to make a very important decision whether you should continue the relationship or you have to break up and move on.

MATCHMAKING – 60mins(Consultation via Skype)

PRICE : $80.00

Best for those who are single and ready to mingle. An astrology-relationship consultation to discover whether the other person will be supportive in your life. Unravel if the combination of both of you leads to love relationship, exciting sex, romantic relationship or work and business success, and determine what and how the other person can contribute to it. Insights if the other person can trigger or activate a certain energy deep within you. Write down in the text box below your specific intention in this matchmaking, Do you want to know if the other person can be a great musical partner, co-author, business partner, sales partner, romantic partner, husband or wife, etc.

Important Instructions :

1. Book for an appointment using the form below. Choose a schedule by filling up the appointment form below. For your convenience, the schedules in the form are automatically adjusted based on your web browser’s timezone!
2. Please check your birth certificate and write your birth date, exact birth time, city of birth and gender in the notes box.
3. Strictly No Accurate Birth Info, No Astrology Reading.
5. Kindly LIKE US ON FACEBOOK and GOOGLE+  and send a message in our page containing your chosen schedule (for confirmation purposes). If you did not send any confirmation message about your booking, the appointment will not be approved and considered cancelled.
6. Ask for permission from the other person before we proceed the matchmaking or compatibility reading.
7. Availing our service means that you agree in our terms of sale and cancellation policy.

Reminder: Minimum time requirement prior to booking is 48hrs. Cancellation should be made within 24hr. Agreeing to avail this service will automatically register your email address in our mailing list which enables you to receive FREE updates.


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