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My Approach to Astrology Consultations

In my work I help my clients to make decisions about their personal issues, goals and dreams, business success, best place to travel and work abroad, and pick the best date to start a project or take an exam. I use a method called Vibrational Astrology. VA is an intricate system of astrology that is based on ideas that are supported by controlled research studies. I use midpoint patterns like pyramid, string, augmented pyramid, double augmented pyramid and isotrap. I analyze and interpret 2-15+ planets and asteroid combination in the harmonic chart 1-360. I interpret the synastry chart, composite chart, in the relation relationship reading and do midpoint comparison, and harmonic chart comparison to get a full understanding of the relationship. I interpret the important planetary combination in the charts I use, because I believe that our natal chart is a wiring diagram that gives all the information about the behaviour of an individual, specially couples in the relationship. It can also give information on how the person will react in the planetary transits that can foretell the future. I can pinpoint the issues and problems in your personal life, relationship and future. With this technique and I can help solve the problem or help you decide the best solution for you.

I do not encourage to fight the planetary energies in your chart, because it is how it should flow and it makes you happy being you. But depends on the culture you grow up with some aspects has negative impacts on people. I try to advise alternatives that can still make your planetary energies functional.

I am more on a positive approach when it comes to astrological consultation. Rather than focusing about the negatives, I help you by coming into a solution and divert the negative energy flow and blockage into a more positive and well directed flow. I’ll explain and guide you on how the negative symptoms of the planets wants to unfold into a healthy and positive way which will result in unique talents and skills.

Information I Need From You

  1. Your birth date – month, day and year (e.g. May 15, 1991).
  2. Location of birth – i.e. the city, state and/or country.
  3. The exact time that you were born – Typically the precise time of birth is very important when calculating and interpreting a birth chart, which means this must be exact. To be able to receive accurate reading. If possible the time must be from your birth certificate. Let me know the source of your birth time and how accurate you think it i once you schedule an appointment for astrological consultation. If you are not certain about your birth time then you should let me know.

List Of Our Astrological Consultation Services

Free/Donation-Based Astrological Consultation

Note : For people who are in an unfortunate situation and in desperate need of help.

Our donation-based/free astrological consultation consist of thirty (30) minute chat duration. There will be a twenty four (48) hours preparation time so I can completely analyze your natal chart and provide the most useful advice for you. This free/donation-based consultation was made possible by my patrons on (Support us! Become a Patron to receive perks and help us continue give free consultations for those really need astrological help, but but can’t afford it

  • Quick Natal Chart Reading – A quick natal chart consultation about the most important issue in your life.
  • Quick Forecasting – A quick forecast reading about your current natal transits to get an understanding what the planets are bringing into your life.
  • Love and Dating Advice – A quick chart reading about dating. Get to know your soulmate’s personality. Information on what you should treat people attract him/her into your life. A love and dating guidance to help stop attracting karmic relationship and finally meet your true love.
  • Karmic Relationship – A quick reading to help you get through a karmic relationship.
  • Saturn Return – Discussing the specific themes of your Saturn return.
  • Karmic Insights – The karmic insight report provides an in-depth look into the soul’s intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime.
  • Life Path Reading – A mini reading about your life purpose.

Natal Astrology Consultation

Our natal astrology consultation consist of one (1) hour call duration. There will be a twenty four (48) hours preparation time so I can completely analyze your natal chat and provide the most useful advice for you.

  • Complete Natal Chart Analysis $48.98 – A complete analysis of your birth chart. Consultation about personal issues, traumas, struggles, and psychological problems. A complete reading of how your energy wants to flow, and what are the energies that are blocked that should be unlocked to reach your highest potential.
  • Vocational Astrology $38.98 – Our astrologer will help you make a career choice or direction. Reveal your ideal career, purpose, and work in this lifetime. Find a profession that really fits our needs. Unlock your hidden talents and skills that will make you successful.
  • Relocation / Astrocartography $28.98 – Provides insight as to the best place for you to live, travel, study or work based on your personal astrological chart. Are you looking the best place to find love and romance or the best place that will give you more career opportunities? This relocation astrology will help you determine the right place for you to find your heart’s desire.
  • Forecast and Prediction $78.98 – A prediction about your future. Learn what’s coming up in your life. Understand the people and relationships that you will attract and will exert influence in your life. This includes very important transit interpretations. I’ll answer questions about your future e.g will you be seeing new love, getting a new job, life changing events, or any other area of your life.
  • Birth Chart Rectification $14.89 – Birth time rectification is used in order to determine when a person was born, when the birth time is otherwise unknown.

Astrology Relationship Consultation

Our astrology-relationship consultation consist of one (1) hour call duration. There will be a twenty four (48) hours preparation time so I can completely analyze both your natal chats, and synastry chart. I will discuss the issues within the relationship and help you understand each other by discussing your differences and relationship blockage. I also provide the best advice to heal the relationship or decide what is the best for the relationship.

  • Matchmaking $38.98 – We help the client find a match based on his/her desired goals in a relationship. Whether it is about finding your soulmate, twin flame, business partner, co author, marriage partner, dreamy romantic lover, duo singer etc.
  • Complete Relationship Analysis $78.98  – The consultation covers compatibility and relationship analysis to brought up underlying patterns and behaviors in the union.  There will be two individual natal charts, chart overlays (synastry), and composite interpretation that will help us understand how two people bond positively and negatively. Here we will tackle the issues and help you fix the relationship. In this consultation I will discuss the fate of the relationship so you two know where you are both headed in the long run.

Electional Astrology Reading

Our electional astrology consultation consist of one (1) hour call duration. There will be a twenty four (48) hours preparation time so I can completely analyze your natal chart and advise the best day to start something.

  • Pick a Date $38.98 – This reading is for finding the ideal time to act on any area in your life. Whether you like me to suggest when take an important exam so you will pass, when to start to plan a wedding, when to have your wedding, when to start a new job interview, when to start a new business project, when to sign an important contract etc. I analyze the natal chart and transiting chart to determine the day which can be supportive in achieving your life goals.


  1. 1. If you are satisfied in our service and you feel that it is right to give an extra tip for our effort, please click here. 25% of your contributions will go to Gawad Kalinga charity and it will support me to provide quick readings for the unfortunate.
  2. Book for an appointment using the form below. Choose a category and choose Seraphic Siren as your astrologer. For your convenience, the schedules in the form are automatically adjusted based on your web browser’s timezone!
  3.  The information we need from you is your birthday, exact time of birth, and city of birth. Use the information from your birth certificate.
  4. Strictly No Accurate Birth Info, No Astrology Reading.
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