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Seraphic Siren is a Vibrational Astrology practitioner. VA is an Harmonic System produced by John Addey in Great Britain, and today developed into an advanced level lead by Siren’s guru David Cochrane.

Seraphic Siren is an astrologer from Manila, Philippines who is seriously studying this subject for seven years. She is currently taking up a Professional Astrologer Certification Program at Avalon School of Astrology and will graduate in 2018. She is using a method called Vibrational Astrology in her consultation services (Vibrational Astrology is in not included in her post articles unless it is clearly stated). Vibrational Astrology is a modern system of interpreting charts, and its ideas are supported by controlled research studies.

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I’m offering 30mins quick readings for those people who are in need but can’t afford expensive astrological consultations. I wholeheartedly want to help and provide guidance since you are currently in a bad situation. I will do all my best and sacrifice most of my time to assist you on your life problem and in order to help you make changes. Scroll down below and fill up the booking form.

If it feels right for you to help us on providing free consultations for the unfortunate, I’m offering astrological consultation on any amount of monetary support via Paypal. It is best to support us on Patreon to receive special perks in return.

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Charie Novino

I thought it was like the other general readings like the horoscopes, but as she started reading my past, I was so amazed. It seems like she’s my diary since birth, she gives an exact information especially to the highlighted happenings in my life that few person knew about. You can feel that someone fully understand you without being judged. She also read my talents and skills and I found this really helpful to me.

David Sitthideth

The reading was superb, honest and forthright. Had I not been such a skeptic myself and not read into things previously I would not have been able to accept the sheer accuracy and fluency on my consultation. Truly an experience not to be missed. Professional, transparent, and non-judgmental. Concise, understanding and welcoming. I very highly recommend the learning experience if not to just to say you’ve done it.


Something I’ve always been interested in is why its so hard for me to make many friends even though I have an 11th house stellium? I’m also agoraphobic I tried to see a therapist but it wasn’t helping long term to get to the root of the problem but this reading allowed me to understand myself better.

Alexandra Ada

My first reading with Seraphic Siren was amazing, i ordered a synastry chart interpretation and i get so much insight about myself, my lover and our relationship. He is introverted and she helped me know him better, and how to behave properly to maintain a harmonious relationship. Is like she knew so private and secret things. She has great knowledge, so i felt i needed her advice more and get in depth of myself.

Try Our Donation Based Astrological Services

List Of Our Contribution-Based Services

QUICK NATAL CHART READING(Counseling via Facebook or Skype Chat)
A 30 minute natal chart consultation about the most important issue in your life. Discover psychological problems in your chart,  identify the dysfunctional planet patterns and understand why certain planetary aspects brings negativities. Insights about your behavior and personality that you may not be aware of.  Analysis of your planet’s energy flow and inner potentials

LOVE AND DATING ADVICE(Counseling via Facebook or Skype Chat)
Are you looking for the one? Get to know your soulmate’s personality and what kind of woman/man you should date which could help you fulfill your life’s desire. A love and dating advice through astrology to help you let go of karmic relationship and finally meet your true love. We will help you to clearly identify the kind of relationships you desire and guide you attract your true love.

SATURN RETURN(Counseling via Facebook or Skype Chat)
At the age of 29 you are going to face Saturn Return. It happens when transiting Saturn conjuncts your natal Saturn in your Birth Chart. This means that you are going through a phase of maturity. I will guide you through this phase and analyze how Saturn separates the adolescent within you.

KARMIC INSIGHTS(Counseling via Facebook or Skype Chat)
Look within the soul’s intentions and lessons to be learned within this lifetime based upon the resonating from past lives. It is written hoping that the individual might clarify their lessons plus goals and illuminate their own struggles.

QUICK FORECAST READING(Counseling via Facebook or Skype Chat)
A quick forecast reading about your current natal transits. To get an understanding what the planets are bringing in your life, what are the lessons that the transit planets wants you to realize and what to do or react on your current circumstances.

KARMIC RELATIONSHIP READING(Counseling via Facebook or Skype Chat)
A quick reading to see if you are in a karmic relationship and to unravel the karmic lessons you need to learn in the relationship. A guide you get through/move on a karmic relationship.

LIFE PATH READING(Counseling via Facebook or Skype Chat)
Unravel your life’s purpose and get insights on where your journey in this life leads you to.  Reflect on the most important things that you value to help you realize your life purpose.


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