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    Seraphic Siren Astrology is a go-to hub for spiritual seekers who want to understand themselves, change and improve their lives, fix their relationships, and prepare for their future.


    About Seraphic Siren Astrology

    Llaunched in 2014 as a community for astrology enthusiast, rock star astrologers, and spiritual seekers. Educating people around the world about how astrology work in their daily life. Seraphic Siren gives out information on how to accomplish goals using astrology in which, she still continuously applying into her life. We promote positive understanding about the planets, even though their process is painful. Because we believe that every experience has its reasons, and that reason is for you to grow. Other things we believe in?

    • We believe that you should not fight nor balance the planets in your natal chart. It is your personality, and if you start to be real to yourself that is where happiness begins!
    • We do not interfere with your destiny nor take away your free will! What we do is give the best and right advice for the situation, which brings success into your life!
    • No person is dumb nor stupid. We all have different intellectuality, and we just need to be in the right place to stand out. We believed that Astrology is a tool which can be used to identify your perfect place here on earth!
    • We do not judge people based on what are their experiences and decisions in life.
    • Your personal life story and deepest darkest secrets are also our secrets!

    To sum things up :  If you want to learn an insightful astrological interpretation; if you want to expand your consciousness about astrology; or just simply want us to guide you in your success through astrology… We are here to help you do that!

    Why Seraphic Siren?

    It describes our astrologer’s approach when dealing with astrology readings. Seraphic pertains a Seraph which belongs to the first sphere of angels, a six-winged beings; with two wings to covered her face (Confidential Readings) , and with two she covered her feet (Humble and Non-Judgemental) , and with two she flew (Uplift People’s Being).  A Siren is a mythical creature with negative qualities but regarded as irresistibly alluring (Turn negativity into a positive asset, and forewarn in a sweet and angelic way.)


    Who Created This Website?

    VA Astrologer

    Professional VA Astrologer, Financial Astrologer, Relationship Expert.


    SSeraphic Siren is a nom de plume for Reynalyn Cruz a 27-year-old Astrologer who is seriously studying this subject for seven (8) years, and living in Quezon City, Philippines. She graduated with a Degree in Business Administration, and currently taking up a Professional Astrologer Certificate Program at Avalon School of Astrology.  She aspires on mixing business trade with esoteric studies since she discovered a love for economics, astronomy, occult science, mysteries, ancient culture and civilization. She dreamed of creating a community that empowers people by giving them the right tools, advice and guidance to achieve their dreams.

    Seraphic Siren is devoted to find answers about the unknown. She loves science, and she relies heavily on scientific explanation/research. That is why she decided to use Vibrational Astrology in her astrological consultation services. Vibrational Astrology is an evidence based form of astrology where the ideas are supported by research study. The readings and predictions are scary accurate! Read the testimonials/feedbacks from our previous clients.

    Seraphic Siren’s undying passion in learning astrology became a tool to overcome all her hurdles in life. She is very happy that astrology became a medium of her success and she want to give the same feeling to YOU. She’s crazy about helping others achieve that same “something” in their lives. Whether by simply sharing her basic interpretations about the planets aspects in this blog so you can test it out for yourself. Or by hiring her as your personal astrological consultant to get the change your life and achieve a life you dreamed of. She hopes that this blog unlocks something BIG deep inside you.

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