6 Negative Traits You Might Develop From Studying Astrology and How to Prevent it

There is no doubt that astrology community is rapidly growing. There are many astrology enthusiast from blogs and groups on social media sites. People get attracted to the knowledge of astrology because of its mysteries in our daily lives. In today’s technology you can study this subject without enrolling to a proper astrology school, and the tools you need for studying; a smartphone, or laptop with internet. But studying astrology is dangerous as it may help you develop negative traits in your personality such as: egotism, judge-mental, not taking the responsibility for your actions, manipulative, laziness, and obsession.


When you are educated about astrology and how it works, you also develop a know-it-all personality. You know that will happen in the world and the people around you. You understand better than others and you create an idea that you are more important. Specially when people runs to you for help with their problems, and you can help them solve it even the most impossible ones. The feeling that you are better and talented among others is hard to resist.

How to prevent it – Before studying this subject check yourself if you are already egoistic in nature because you might have your own ego karma that needs to be resolved. To prevent developing and egoistic attitude in studying astrology, you need to think about how could you help others without taking any credit for it. That you offer what you know for the welfare of others and helping others with your knowledge will not make you godlike, but fulfilled with your life.

Judge-mental Attitude

Reading charts is one of the most basic services an astrologer could offer, but once you started studying how to read somebody’s natal chart you will know what kind of person he or she is. If he or she is a drug addict or a criminal in the past you will always have this side comments behind your mind. You may also start to criticize his or her whole being for what she can do or not, for his or her weakness and strengths.

How to prevent it – Think of your own misfortunes in the past and how terrible the situations you experienced in life. Always remember that everyone has their own karma no matter is it good or how bad it is. Life has its ups and downs and you cannot judge a person by their misfortunes in life. Nobody is perfect.


Not Taking the Responsibility for Your Actions

Once you receive the knowledge of astrology either by studying a book or by reading your ordered chart interpretation from an astrologer. The interpretations of planets and zodiacs signs and how it affects our liveswill be revealed to you. All those information may give an idea that you were like a puppet and will soon start to blame the planets for what they have done to you in the past and what they could do in your future.

How to prevent it – Stop blaming the planets because its not their fault all of those things happened to you. It is about your karma, and you are refusing what is needed to resolve it in this lifetime. One of my secrets here is the planets affects how you feel and think so the only thing you should learn is how to control your own emotion and thinking. The next time you are having a bad transit aspect to your natal chart, check everything around you (they are normal) and check how you react on your surrounding.

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Manipulative Attitude

Forecasting future events is fun specially when it is your first time you learn how to create forecast interpretations. It is exciting to know what you will become 10 years from now, but what if you do not like what you discovered? You will start to manipulate and control your present decisions to save your future. Imagine controling your life for the whole 10 years to change your future you will be unable to live your life for today and enjoy it.

How to prevent it – Keep in mind that astrology will help you become prepared emotionally and mentally in your future events. Everything happens for a reason and when you try to manipulate your present to control what you want in your future you are also interfering with your soul growth, and those things you need to leave, change or develop.


Since you learn how the transiting planet affects your natal chart and its interpretation, and you discovered you will be rich in the near future. You will start to become lazy doing all the work to get there since knowing it will already make you satisfied. It is also applicable when you discovered that you will fail in life. An example of this is Cheska, she predicted that she will fail in her board exam so she did not bother making an effort to take it since she already knew she will fail.

How to prevent it – Remember that there is a will power whatever happens in your future. No matter how good or bad will change depends on how strong your will is, and laziness gets you nowhere.


Once you found out that some types of astrology are amazingly accurate and others are not, you will delve deeper into the subject to understand why, and eventually will get obsessed with it. Astrology is somehow accurate but unexplainable. You may want to become someone who wants to crack the code and contribute new kinds of study or technology to mankind. Doing this requires many hours of study, and hard work with your mind focused in how astrology works with other people and events.

How to prevent it – Make sure that you still have activities and interest other than astrology. Explore more, play and have fun! Socialize a bit with other people and do not always include astrology in every conversation you start unless they asked for it.


Astrology is surprisingly helpful to mankind. It help us to open up with others and understand their experiences whether it is good or bad. Studying astrology for the first time without a guide, or mentor may put you in danger of developing negative personalities listed above. And it may take awhile (maybe through experience) before you notice that you need to remove those traits as you suffer and destroys your way of thinking. Always keep in mind that we are all born with a unique natal chart that describes the attitude we have in this lifetime including our fate. We all have our own bad time, and even the most successful ones suffer in life because nobody is perfect. Life is full of decisions and we only have one power to guide us in life and it is the power to choose.

Every chart has different planet patterns. Results may vary depending on the whole chart and planets combinations. Consult an Astrologer if you are experiencing any negative effects of this aspect!Yes, Please Analyze My Chart Now!
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  • May 16, 2015 3:20 pm

    Good tips. I think most of these things are probably present long before astrology, but it certainly can highlight and bring them out.

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