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Astrology is a powerful knowledge that you can use as a tool to interpret the planets connections and its effects here on earth. … Read more…

Some may think that astrology is just a superstition, but here in Seraphic Siren Astrology we strongly believe it is science. Although astrology is beyond the understanding of modern science, the methods that we are using in our astrological consultation are supported by research studies. Qualitative and quantitative research, anecdotal evidences, Rubin causal model and many other research techniques are used to develop our accurate astrology readings.

Do astrology readings work? Yes, but just like in Quantum Physics, the formulas work and often we cannot visualize why they work. Astrological variables are generated through vibration, frequency and symmetry.

If you are new to astrology, go to our Beginner’s Courses to learn how to do astrology readings . The best way to practice astrology is by analyzing your own birth chart first. Because you know yourself well enough to see whether the interpretations matches your personality. If you don’t have your own Birth Chart yet, follow this guide on How to Get My Own Birth Chart.

Free Automated Astrology Readings Online

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ONLINE ASTROLOGY SOFTWARE This online astrology readings software enables you to calculate various astrology charts as well as register names and birth data for as many people as you want.

TRANSIT CALENDAR A compilation of all the important planetary aspects that will occur in every month. Is it useful for forecasting certain events which you can export to google calendar.

AUTOMATED CHART REPORTS This tool calculates your natal chart and provides an automated interpretation. You can also try our natal to transit chart report which gives a brief insights about your future.

DAILY HOROSCOPE READING This is a daily horoscope reading software that is formulated based on your own birth chart. Your daily mood and fate will be interpreted instantly.

Reminder : Computer generated Horoscopes and Natal Chart Interpretation works! But they are not that good compared to the whole chart analyzation from a Professional Astrologer.


OUR STORYSeraphic Siren Astrology Readings Website

Seraphic Siren Astrology was founded by a Filipino Astrologer in early 2013 and was officially launched in late 2014. SSA is a quickly growing collective of spiritual seekers, astrology enthusiast, and rockstar astrologers all around the world. We are a community that empowers people to achieve their dreams with the help of astrology.

We provide the right tools and informations for basic astrology up to advanced level astrology. It is helpful for those people who has a casual interest in astrology, and those who wants to understand how astrology connects in our daily lives.

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Learn Astrology Readings OnlineWho Can Study Astrology and What Are The Skills Required?

Astrology is not only for those with psychic abilities–Although it can be helpful if you are supernatural–It can be studied by anyone who has a passion for greater knowledge and interest for knowing the unknown. The skills required to study astrology are excellent memorization skills, analytical ability, good mathematical ability, and discipline. Broad knowledge about the different life topics in general can be helpful in learning astrology, including but not limited to, knowledge of psychology, symbolism, mysticism, history, sociology, and astronomy.

ZODIAC SIGNS MEANING Insightful interpretations of your Zodiac Sign a.k.a Sun Sign. Get to know the real you and what you do during the day. Your Moon sign unravels your subconscious mind and emotions. Your Mercury sign tells you how you communicate with others. Mars describes your energy to do things.

HOUSES IN ASTROLOGY Get to know the 12 houses in the astrology chart and understand their meanings. They show our persona, expression, values, domestic life, partnership, illness, romance, career, self-undoing, social activities, shared resources, and philosophy.

ASPECTS IN ASTROLOGY Aspects are angular distance of two or more separated planets. Although planets in your chart are far apart, they are connected with these aspects and produces a personality and behaviour that makes a person unique. Popular angles are 180◦, 0◦, 90◦, 120◦ etc…

PLANETS MEANING The planets used in astrology are those heavenly bodies in the earth’s solar system. They are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto.

ASTEROID MEANING Like planets, Asteroids also has a powerful effect in the events here on earth. They have their distinct meaning for interpretation.


Every astrology chart is unique, and no chart has the exact planets and signs combinations, as well house placements. Different results vary and depends upon the whole chart of the person. A Professional Astrologer is able to carefully analyze and give a sound judgement about the chart, give a correct interpretation about the person’s future, and assist the person for its success in life.

We offer accurate astrology readings such as : Natal Chart Reading; Vocational Astrology; Astrocartography and Relocation Astrology, Compatibility, Synastry Reading, Composite Chart Reading.

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